Home Design Tips – How to Create a Spacious Feeling in Small Homes


Having a house with limited space can be a problem for some people. There are two factors that can determine the available space in your home: first, the size of the house itself and second, poor furniture arrangement. What's worse than these two reasons may be the combination of both. Huge furniture is not supposed to be placed in a small room. Therefore, the first of several home design tips to follow is to avoid the big furniture. It is best to use compact and versatile furniture instead.

To make the inside of your home bigger, paint it with bright colors. The dark colors will only make you feel bound and smothered. On the contrary, light tones are perfect for creating a spacious feel. You can choose natural colors to make the space open and spacious. The light yellow or mint green will do the trick. Other lighter shades like water green, sky blue, lavender or pale pink can also work very well.

The third step is to minimize obstacles in your home. If you have to separate a room into different parts, you can use glass barriers. The glass will make your room more spacious and add a modern touch. You can also put mirrors in some parts of the house. Mirrors can create the illusion of a more open room. Improve the atmosphere by taking advantage of the lighting. Good lighting will help maximize the effects of glass and mirrors.

Do not clutter your home with magazines or papers. Place them properly on shelves, shelves, cabinets or baskets to save space. It is there that versatile furniture is the most necessary. The custom cabinet with several grilles installed on your wall is great for keeping your TV, stereo, books and decorative items. Some people also neglect the space available for their beds. You can choose a bed that comes with built-in drawers. These drawers can be used to store spare blankets, pillows and clothes.

Maximize the space on your walls. Open shelves are ideal for storage. And on several parts of the walls, hang some paintings and of course, mirrors. Instead of laying down floor lamps or table lamps, install wall sconces or hanging lamps and have lighting to give the impression of a roomier room. Today's lamps are available in many styles and shapes; therefore, you must choose wisely. Some lamp designs can add an elegant touch to a room without making it smaller.


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