Home-Design Trend Predictions for 2014


2013 was a great year full of surprises. The year has seen resurgence in such things as multigenerational housing features, outdoor rooms and vibrant colors. This year, some of these options should attract more attention and few new trends should emerge.

Here are some of the main trends in interior design that you can expect to see in 2014.

Black is the new gray

The gray should stay popular however, black is said to be the darling color for 2014. Black should be used in kitchens, interior doors and siding. People are also expected to paint outside their homes in black to give their homes a spectacular, modern look.

More Use of Metal Backsplashes

While Tiles remain the most popular backsplash material, we expect a lot of metal tiles and d & # 's Other materials such as stainless steel, stone and glass.

The reason we expect a lot of people to do this is because metal tiles tend to look more elegant and are easy to clean than regular tiles.

Increased use of vintage displays

The stalls of the era have been popular in recent years and this year is not different. You should expect to see more farmhouse parts / antique barn such as apple pickers & # 39; pouches for holding books and magazines. You should also expect to see old equipment or machine parts.

Smarter Houses, Smaller Systems

Recent years have been characterized by increased use of surveillance cameras and other security systems. There has also been increased use of thermostat systems, robotic cleaners and circulation sensors.

According to experts, this year will be characterized by the use of smarter but smaller systems. Systems range from locks to lighting to appliances. The reason people are supposed to opt for smaller and smarter options is that smaller systems are easy to upgrade and replace.

Increased Use of Earth Textures

Earthy textures have been used for years to give homes a dramatic juxtaposition. Experts predict that 2014 will see increased use of earthy textures; therefore, you can expect to see more natural stone, wicker baskets, natural shell, ceramic pottery, and boldly textured wood pieces.

Losing the Lawn

It has been shown that many people were tired of mowing the lawn and taking care of the expanses of water dependent grass. Because of this, many people should reduce or even eliminate the size of their lawns.

Instead of the traditional large grassy areas, you should expect to see only small areas covered with grass. More areas should be covered with concrete or even synthetic lawns.


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