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When you look at the house, whether designing it yourself or choosing one, two important parts of the house are the entrance and the living room. Both should be carefully planned.


Have you ever driven in a car and wondering where is the front door? The entrance of a house describes a special consideration. It should be highlighted with a very attractive feature: a bright color, a different material, a wrought iron railing, or some other special feature to definitively identify it as the door to entry.

A kind of door bell or chime is often desirable. Or if you want to do it all, a phone by the door is a good thing. When people are ringing at the door, you can ask them by phone who it is and what you want. Then you can decide where you want to open the door. When a woman and her children are often alone at night, it's a good safety measure, which helps to keep away unwanted ones.

Many good housewives feel that an entrance hall is of vital importance to a complete home. If people come directly into the living room with their muddy feet, without any preliminary place to prepare to make their entrance, a happy result is difficult.

The lobby should have a good, durable floor that can be beaten without murmuring. A quarry tile floor, ceramic tile, slate, stone or marble will be very durable and can be a beautiful part of the lobby. Snow, mud, water and intensive use can not hurt it.

The carpet is not the best material for the entrance hall floor, unless you have a special room, different from the living room rug, which can be changed every two or three years, or as needed. But to have some of the carpet in the living room can be to invite the disaster.

The lobby should be warm and cheerful, to give guests the appropriate welcome to your home. It should not be big, but should be at least 5 "wide, and sometimes 1 & long, and of course, a larger size will be more useful.Plan a house is a big question to find the best use for space.Whatever you use for entry, beyond the bare minimum, it's so much space taken from another part of the house that may need it worse.

The Living Room

Another question to ask when looking at the design of the house is this: when you move from the lobby to the living room, in what kind of room do you like it? There are almost as many types of ideas about the size, shape, colors and uses of the living room as there are people. a living room is similar to the old-fashioned living room that was closed all week and was open only on Sunday, was usually musty, and generally in used and uncomfortable.

Others go to the other extreme and think of the living room as a place where children study, where people read and read the newspaper or the latest magazine. A living room must be inhabited, is not it?

If a quiet corner can be found for an office or if a well-lit alcove with an armchair and a library can be managed, the habitability of the home will be greatly enhanced.

The living room should not be the main hallway through the house, although reckless planners often do. Each living room should have a point of interest in addition to the TV: a fireplace, a bay window, a mural, an interesting group of elegant furniture, a music center or something that reflects the tastes, personality or interests from the owner. .

The living room should be spacious, well lit, well ventilated, with durable floors and walls that can withstand intensive use and still have presentable air. This fact should be kept in mind at all times in selecting carpets, furniture, curtains and wall finishes.

Appropriate consideration at the entrance and living room will make your home stand out from other home designs.


Source by Russell R. Freeman

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