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The foundation of your home would be considered the most crucial part of the whole house. It bears the responsibility of assuming all the weight of the load of your home. Having a problem with the foundation can cause damage to your home, diminish its value and put your safety at risk.

Often, the maintenance of foundations is neglected, especially when there are no visible structural problems. With your regular maintenance checks, it is crucial to include a regular check for signs of deterioration of foundations. An essential sign that there is a foundation problem is when there are cracks in the basement. Other signs may be cracks in walls, misaligned doors and windows, gaps between walls and walls, cracked or level floors, a separation of corner trim and a roof collapsed.

When you find these problems, it is best to get the expert opinion of a foundation expert, such as a foundation repair contractor or a foundation engineer for find the cause of damage to the foundations. Seasonal soil movement, uncompacted fill, poor construction, poor drainage or plumbing leaks can cause foundation cracks. These expert professionals can find the source of the damage and recommend the best possible solution for foundation repair.

The repair options for a damaged foundation and the cost of the repair would depend on the cause of the damage. One of the most expensive foundation repair solutions is outside work. This is done by digging and exposing the foundation walls and installing waterproofing membranes to prevent water from seeping into foundation cracks and causing further damage. This type of work would take several days, would use a backhoe, would require a large free area for excavation and would destroy the landscaping surrounding your home.

The repair work of the most common and less expensive foundations is done in the interior. The urethane foam injection has been used for almost two decades to prevent water from getting into the cracks. This concrete crack repair work will be done by a technician inside by injecting the crack with urethane with a high bond strength that can not be broken by dissolved salts in the foundations. concrete. When the urethane water collector that is already present in the crack or placed by the repair technician in the crack, it will lather and increase its volume to completely fill the entire crack. Repair work would typically take one hour per crack.

Another type of interior foundation repair is the use of carbon fiber reinforcement staples and a fast-thickening epoxy injection polymer, particularly if the cause of the damage is of a structural nature. Fiber staples increase the tensile strength while the epoxy glues the concrete together. Wall anchors are also used to repair cracks in vaults or curved basement walls that can bring water to ruin foundations. Steel anchor rods are inserted through the wall and anchored to the outside while steel wall plates anchor the rods to the inner wall.

These are just some of the foundation repair techniques available. Again, the first thing you should do is to call an expert who will not only do evaluation work, but can also do the foundation repair work as well as other house work. necessary such as repairing an alley. Not only will it give you the best solution, but it will save you a lot of time and money, which you will incur if you run into failures with DIY solutions.


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