Home Glass Repair Should not Be a DIY Project


It was It was arriving until nine in the morning when it arrived. Your seventeen-year-old son, seeking to use the car to attend a rock concert at the Red Butte Garden that night, was at the top of a squeaky wooden ladder that was rushing cleanly the gutters. Rather than going down the ladder and moving it a few feet, he leaned further than he should.

He took down a six-foot gutter stretch, shattered a perfectly good hydrangea, dropped the ladder into the kitchen window and almost broke his neck. Fortunately, he was fine – which is more than what you can say for your hydrangea. Your brother plans to come next weekend to fix the gutter. This simply leaves the kitchen window damaged.

It is amazing that the scale did not send broken glass in the sink and on the kitchen floor. You told your son to put on gloves and tape during breaks in the glass. Now, you have a nasty nineteen inches of glass that is held tied between two larger pieces of glass by a mass of gray tape. When, most of the time, jokingly you suggested that perhaps the glass repair bill should come out of his allowance, he offered to replace it himself. This is not a good idea.

Broken glass is surprisingly dangerous

It is far too easy to underestimate how broken glass can be dangerous. A recently broken window pane may have edges that are sharp. The glass is usually heavier than what many people assume and releases large portions of a frame, especially if it's at an uncomfortable angle can be really perilous

Tricky to clean and eliminate safely

all this glass, then you have to dispose of it, which is not always so simple. A cardboard box is always ideal, but we do not always have a proper box available, is not it? You can spend some time wrapping glass in newspaper or taping around the edges, but you can not put it in a garbage bag.

A piece of glass can be heavy and awkward

depending on the size and thickness, can be surprisingly heavy. The edges, even on new windows, can still be dangerous at times and it is not always easy to work a window in a current window frame. The fact that a qualified glazier makes the home window repair simple says a lot more about his installer experience than about the simplicity of glass handling techniques.

Improper installation is expensive

The other important reason your windows in the house is that a poorly installed glass can mean a real defect in the insulation of your home. A broken window must always be evaluated and repaired professionally. The money you hope to save for a window repair job to do on your own can easily display the same window each year in terms of heating and cooling costs.

The windows of Salt Lake City can be quickly and economically repaired seven days a week by countless trained professionals. Even glass companies that focus on home renovations and European shower doors usually offer emergency window repairs. Do not risk aggravating a bad situation. Call a professional to come and fix this broken kitchen window.


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