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Home Improvement can be the most rewarding experience you can undertake, if you like DIY. I think it may be the accomplishment of doing something that you think you can not do, so it's very rewarding when you prove you can do it. I'm getting too old to do a lot of things I did. I am a woman, now 72 years old, and that is why I say that. I have sons who leave me alone (even now) and let me do it. I like to remodel and decorate. I like to change something into something different. People have said that I can not change that, so I have to prove to them that it can be done. One such thing was my oak kitchen cabinets. They were stained and old, old-fashioned, and the more I looked at them, the more I was determined to do it. I've been working in a cabinet shop (which my husband and I owned) so many years ago that I can hardly remember when I did not do it, so I 'm not sure. have a lot of insight on the home front.

My daughter and I live together I think I scared her with the many things I wanted to do, but she is a rider and I usually have what I wanted to do. So we talked about painting the cabinets and we decided to try it. Paint cabinets was the big thing now. Even in our cabinet store, most cabinets are painted (although they are not oak cabinets). The grain of the oak wood is so bold that it is difficult to cover it. We searched and found the type of paint to use. First prime the cabinets, then sand by hand and start painting. We painted the white cabinets. They were beautiful. My son has put new counters for us. We also took the old floor and laid new vinyl floor tiles, because I'm not the kind of person who stays with a look forever. I like change so I use materials that can be changed without breaking the bank. I do not like slate or granite, corian or floor tiles that are so cold. I do not like either granite or cold countertops. These are expensive and you can not change them cheaply. You are stuck with them. I always love change, so it's not for me,

No, I do not own a million dollar home but I have a nice, comfortable home, that I change, from time to time in time and I keep it changed to fit me. I love my house! It's similar to the old southern houses with the big porch, three sets of beautiful steps, and Gates on all three for my little great-grandchildren, when they visit. My Yards are beautiful and there was no gardener for them either. I've changed courts just like I have the House and now I'm finally satisfied with her appearance. There is so much love in my house that even the richest person could envy and wish that they be in my place. I can sit and enjoy my home, which is an ongoing project for over 20 years, and I have enjoyed every project I have ever done!


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