Home Improvement – The Right Color for the Right Room


So, you just buy the house and want to repaint all the walls of each of its rooms. It would be fantastic. Make sure you do not choose the wrong color.

So, let's start:

o Your bedroom.

It is bedtime. You need a room that can make you feel comfortable, warm and peaceful and that can cheer you up in the morning while you wake up. So, what you need is to balance the colors. One thing is certain, do not use dark colors for walls. Instead, choose hot ones like butter yolk, misty peach, or sweet and delicate rose. These colors can be soft and can help you sleep better, but they can also inspire you in the morning. Note this: do not use red or yellow for walls.

o Your Living Room

When you come home from work, you would like to sit and watch TV. To relax. Yes, that's what the salon serves. Green is considered the most relaxing color for the eye. Blue is also good for adding soothing effects. Both can relieve your stress and relax you.

o Your Kitchen

The first impression of your kitchen should be "clean". Blue or light yellow would be great. Plus, these colors make you feel like you are calming and relaxing, so when you have to cook, you will not get tired easily.

o Your children & # 39; Room

Boys refer to blue while girls to pink. Some people get bored with these colors. Why not try light green combined with yellow or you can combine purple, light blue and pink. Be imaginative with colors in your kids room. Their favorite color should also be added.

o Your bathroom

You want to be different? Forget the blue. Do not you bother to see blue in every bathroom in this country? So, try other colors. Play with the brilliants. Try the yellow, try the orange. They will certainly brighten your day in a pleasant morning while you wish you were still in bed.

Before choosing the right colors for your home, it is best that you learn the essence of colors. This way you will know which colors to choose and how that affects your parts.


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