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Nowadays, there are more and more parents working at home. Either they work at home dad or mom, or both parents work at home. This fact develop the idea of ​​the importance of designing a home office for the whole family.

Why parents want to work at home, it's mainly because they want to have more time with their children as they get older. So, the best design for these parents is the provision that could work for the whole family, I mean parents and kids could do their activity in the same room at a time.

This idea is possible, what you need to do, is make enough space for your children to do their homework or draw while you work on your computer. This home office should be more open and functional.

Mom and Dad can have identical office furniture, and in the middle of their area is the children's area. Just give a personal touch to each person, for example, the mother's area could decorate with soft color paints, figurines, and dad's area should be more macho, using a more manly touch. What is important is how to match the two decorations to mix in one of the home office models that is good for everyone.

Beside a work desk for your kids, a good home office design should have a nice sofa in the corner so that parents and kids will have fun together. In this area you can put a little pillow, using soft colors so that everyone can relax here.

You can use a sofa with a piece of furniture, this gives you extra space for storage.

What you need to remember when planning a home office for the entire family member is creating an environment that invites your child's creativity, not just a comfortable home office for parents where they can see their children during that they are work.

You must involve your children in decorating their area in this home office; it's their "office" too. You can use a decoration that is functional, like a pile of pencils in a tall glass, or other stationery in a transparent box.

Maybe what is difficult is to use the best color that works for everyone, in this case, I suggest you try baby blue, or baby green for the main color to your home office designs; these colors create a warm and relaxing environment to work for everyone.


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