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There is nothing like a dying toothache to put you out of sorts. A tooth cavity or gum disease could trigger the pain. But before you lose sleep, here are some easy remedies just out of your kitchen cabinet.

1) Rinse

Rinse your mouth with water to remove food particles stuck between your teeth. Sometimes it is all that is needed!

2) Clove

Mention toothache and everyone seems to suggest clove oil. No surprises there, it really works wonders. Bite a whole pod with the sore tooth or apply a few drops of clove oil. It works like a local anesthetic.

3) Pepper

Did you know that spicing up your fried egg is good for your teeth? Pepper has potent antibacterial properties. To fight against toothache, you can try different concoctions of pepper – a little pepper with a pinch of common salt or a few drops of clove oil or a bit of ground basil. It sounds more like a dinner recipe than a toothache remedy!

4) Table salt and hot water

This time-tested remedy is guaranteed to provide instant relief from excruciating pain. Dissolve the table salt in lukewarm water, take a sip and hold it in your mouth for a few minutes. Repeat.

Now for a couple of stinking remedies:

5) Garlic

Do not be shy, chew a clove of garlic or apply it, crushed with a little rock salt, on the tooth that gives you all the trouble – if you have a spouse good enough to bear the # Smell, it is

6) Onion

Still on the stinky side, this modest element in your daily diet has proven antibiotic properties. Chew on a raw onion for three minutes, even if there are a dozen other things you would like to chew on right now: the onion will destroy all the germs in your mouth.

7) Asafetida

A slightly better option, asafetida should be ground with a little lemon juice and swabbed on the sore tooth.

8) Peppermint

If you are picky about how your breath smells! Chew dry peppermint leaves for a few minutes; it reduces the pain by attracting pus.

9) Oats

This is yet another remedy that works by pulling pus. Just place some oats on the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrouble and bite on it

10) Wheat Grass

The herb can be chewed directly or in juice and used as mouthwash: both herbal remedies for toothache.

11) Bay berry

A vinegar berry bark paste strengthens the gums. It also reduces toothache.

12) Genuine Vanilla Extract

Flushing your mouth with a sip of real vanilla extract is a cure, even for extreme pains. For a mild toothache, place a cotton ball soaked in the extract on the sick tooth. Your taste buds will probably not approve, but make some provision for the taste as it will instantly numb your pain.

13) Oil of oregano

This one does not taste good either and burns a little. But what would not we do to get rid of the exasperating pain in the head? And it is an abundant consolation that oregano oil is a natural antibiotic and is known to lessen pain.

14) Whiskey

Some of you will love this. Rinsing your mouth with strong whiskey will kill the bacteria and act as an anesthetic.

15) Brandy

Yes, brandy too. Dip a cotton ball into brandy and squeeze the sore tooth. Works like whiskey.

16) Hot tea bag

Heat a tea bag in hot water, check the heat with your finger and place the bag just above the tooth.

17) Ice

The coldness of an ice pack or cold compress freezes your mouth, so you do not feel the pain.

18) Leaves of guava

If you can get your hands on a pile of guava leaves, chew them raw. It should not be too bad – they have a taste of raw guava fruit.

19) Mustard oil

Have you ever thought of massaging mutinous pain into complacency? Rub a mixture of mustard oil and salt on your gums to make them strong.

20) Lime

Well, this one should not be here. Although lime is generally considered good for teeth, lime contains citric acid, and enamel – the protective coating of teeth – dissolves in the acid. It would weaken the teeth.

So much for home remedies. These are temporary pain relievers that can help you go to the dentist without too much trouble. Nothing can replace good old dental health practices and if a pain troubles you the best thing you can do for yourself is to make an appointment with a dentist. Keep these beads healthy and they will serve you all your life.


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