Home Remedies for Interior Design Success


Each of these 7 home remedies pertains specifically to a certain design aspect in your home. Most of the supplies needed for these remedies are found in your home, saving you the money, the time, and the frustration of having to run to buy a product. These frugal tips work.

Home Remedy 1 – Flat Floor Mat Siesta

So, you've just finished rearranging your furniture and notice those mellow areas of flat carpet where the heaviest parts were. Before running around looking for a rug or potted plant to cover up those annoying nap spots, try this:

Gather some ice cubes from the freezer and place them directly on the flattened places. Let the cubes melt and dry and this carpet area will be as good as the rest!

Home Remedy 2 – Finished the Odor of Latex Paint

You'd like to paint a room in your home to give it a fresh look, but the smell of latex paint is just too much. You can of course use a mask but they are bulky and impractical.

The best remedy for removing this odor is to add 4 tablespoons of pure (clear) vanilla extract to each quarter of paint. Vanilla must be added to the paint before using your stick to mix the pigments in the box. Do not worry, vanilla does not contaminate the color but it will get rid of the vapors.

Home Remedy 3 – Polished Brass Style Home

You have noticed that your brass door knobs, cabinet hardware and candlesticks are tarnished at distraction. Ketchup is all you need as a polishing agent. It's just that the ingredients in the ketchup is a light but perfect combination of acid to brighten this brass in no time.

Wipe it off with a clean cloth, leave a few seconds and wipe it dry. You will be surprised by the results.

Home Remedy 4 – removal of wax on the wood.

Candles continue to be a popular accent in almost every room in the home. A candle that is never lit, somehow defeats the purpose of adding them to your design scheme in the first place. But with lighting comes the risk of dripping wax on your wooden furniture. No worries, when you discover these cooking juices wax is a simple cure and non-removal removal.

First of all, try to scrape the maximum amount of wax without scratching the finish of the wood. Next, place 3 or 4 layers of paper towels or 2 brown paper lunch bags over the drops.

Heat your iron to the "cotton" setting and once it is at full heat, place the iron as close as possible to the bags or paper. Do not iron the paper, it can burn the surface of the wood. But placing the iron as close as possible to the paper will melt the wax, which will then be absorbed by the paper. Repeat, until the wax is removed.

Home Remedy 5 – Perk Up Those Droopy Flowers.

Nothing says "welcome" more than a bouquet of fresh flowers. When your flowers begin to sag a little, have them beaded so that they last a little longer by giving them a citrus flavored soft drink.

Do not use the type of diet, they need sugar. Do not have a soft drink? Mix 2 teaspoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 liter of water in the vase. You do not have any vinegar either? How about 2 tablespoons of bleach, 1 teaspoon of sugar and a liter of water.

Home Remedy 6 – Remove Pencil Wallpaper Off.

Children, pencils and wallpaper are a dangerous combination. When your cutie goes with these pencils and "graciously" you gracie with her work of art on the wall. It's OK … because this remedy works like a charm.

Have your hair dryer point it at the pencil on the wall, turn it to the highest heat setting. The heat will make the pencils soft and easy to clean.

Home Remedy 7 – Remove the stickers from the glass.

Thus, you have found the perfect frame to complete your photo and accentuate your wall. But, the price tag was glued to the front of the glass. You tried to scratch it, but he left a leftover goo on the glass that is too obvious to ignore. It's time to bring out the mayonnaise!

Put a big ball of mayonnaise directly on the sticker residue. Let it sit for a few minutes, wipe and clean with the glass cleaner and the goo is gone and is now ready to decorate your photo.


Source by Sue E Krippner

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