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For those who wish to give their dream homes the feel and look that they have always dreamed of, the architect-in-chief interior architect must have the answer to their prayers. This brilliantly designed software allows users to choose from thousands of different materials, flooring, wallcoverings, colors and styles – almost anything and anything to make their home as close to their dreams as possible.

Experimenting designs has never been easier because Interior Designer allows users to play with their ideas through the use of 3D models, advanced design tools and virtual tours. There are thousands of different sampling plans that can serve as inspiration for those who may have touched a creative road block. It has never been easier to store cabinets, doors, windows and walls in perfect harmony with his instinctive prowess. Who ever said that professional interior designers are a must, probably still met the Interior Designer program.

Excellent Floor Plans

With Interior Designer, users have the power to create very high-level floor plans. For those who might choose to create a 2D plan, the program's virtual graphic paper ensures that the up-to-date floor plans are as accurate as possible. There are also manual and automatic dimension tools that are also useful when laying interior wall finishes or room sizes. Those looking for a source of inspiration can choose from the thousands of sample plans available that can really provide great design ideas. There are also a number of pre-made style models that come with styles of windows, floors, cabinets, doors, and are all in color. Once the project is complete, the program can automatically generate a complete worksheet containing the costs of the entire project, sorted by cost type.

Room Designs

The interior designer is also an excellent tool for designing pieces of all shapes and sizes. Users can choose from the multitude of different furniture available that include sofas, tables, chairs, beds, and much more. What is even better is that these pieces of furniture can be easily modified, be it their fabric, their color or their size. There are also hundreds of different accessories that can be used to enhance any room in the house. An additional treatment is the option of importing photos that allows users to use real images as works of art and hang them on the walls of their rooms.

True for Life 3D Models

Before definitively settling on a design, users will of course need to see the new home first hand. The problem with miniature plans and models is that although they provide a good representation of how the new home will look like, it's still not the same as walking in the house. It is here that virtual tours and 3D models of Virtual Architect are useful. Users are not only able to design their new homes, but they also have the power to design their own virtual tours. In this way, users are not only aware of how their new home will look like, but more importantly, they have an idea of ​​how it will ultimately turn out.


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