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When a person buys a house, she does not think that in the future she may have to make it accessible to wheelchairs, but this can happen. There could be an injury or illness that would require a person to remain in a wheelchair, a parent could become disabled and have to move, or when the homeowner is aging, he may end up in a wheelchair.

Here are some of the ways you can remodel the home to make the wheelchair at home accessible.

• At each entrance to the house, you must build a wheelchair ramp. Some homes have enough space to make an access ramp, but if you can hire a professional home remodeling contractor to install a vertical platform lift at each entrance. It's a good idea to include a cover on the ramp, a slip-resistant surface and handrails.
• For stairs, install a stairlift. This is a great alternative if you live in a two story house because it is cheaper to install the elevator than to relocate. When installing a stairlift, you must make sure that it pivots so that it is easier to get in and out. There are stair lifts on the market that will work even when you lose power in your home.
• Make sure thresholds and floors are easily accessible with a wheelchair. The main problem that homeowners see when they have a wheelchair user in their home is the thick carpet. If that's possible, your entire house should have hardwood floors or tiling in the house. You can also choose to replace your carpet with short pile carpet. If thresholds are the problem, you can install short rubber ramps. If there are exposed cords on the floor, you will have to remove them
• Another work of remodeling the house that will need to be done is to widen the doors that are narrow. By doing this, the wheelchair bound person will be able to move freely in any area or room of the house. To do this, you could remove the doors, reverse the way the door opens in some cases and remove the door frames. Each door handle should be lowered to make them easy to reach. You can also install an automatic door opener. These should be done by a professional home remodeling contractor.
• You will also need to make sure your kitchen and bathroom are accessible. In the bathroom you may want to consider a walk-in bath or in a shower, you may need to lower the shower head. In the kitchen, you must make sure the appliances and sinks are accessible and may need to lower the countertop.


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