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A house of cards perfectly illustrates the importance of the foundation of a house: if the bottom row of cards is not arranged properly and not enough, then the rest of the cards may tumble . Similarly, the foundation of a house provides the necessary support for the rest of the house to be structurally sound. If a homeowner needs repair from the foundation house, it is essential that he research the various home foundation repair methods that are used by contractors in his area. Two main sources of repair come from foundation stabilization methods and the hydraulically pressed concrete cylinder method.

Stability of the Foundation

The stability of the foundation involves a process that attempts to prevent sinking and damage to the foundation.

This method attempts to extend the original base to redistribute the burden of the foundation. However, this process is often inefficient and can be a complete waste of money because it locks the foundation of the house up. If the house is currently tilted and is not stabilized, the process will simply level the foundations in the proper position. This basically causes the crooked house to stay crooked.

Hydraulic Pressed Concrete Cylinder Method

The hydraulically pressed concrete cylinder method involves digging a hole around the foundation. A concrete cylinder will be placed in the hole with a large hydraulic cylinder. The cylinder is then installed hydraulically. Other cylinders will be added to support the load of the house. The weight of the cylinders will cut through all the materials that are between the existing structure of the house and the ground, such as roots or rocks. This method is advantageous because it has the greatest load capacity compared to other repair methods of the foundation house. Concrete bottles will not corrode as other materials can. This method only requires a few days of repair, which minimizes project expenses while preventing future foundation problems.

When an owner realizes that he needs the help of a foundation home repair company, he should be informed of the different types of repair methods that are available. He should weigh the pros and cons of each method and pay close attention to whether the method of repair will eliminate future problems. If the solution is only temporary, he will have to pay for additional future repairs. The hydraulic pressure concrete cylinder method has been used for more than two decades. This is the preferred method by industry leaders and it is proven by the experts to surpass any other foundation repair method that is currently available in the market.


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