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Do not be scared by home repairs. With a little investigation and confidence, most home repairs are less difficult than they seem.

With all the free information available on the Internet, in the library, home improvement centers and friends, even difficult home repairs can be accomplished without the need of hiring a professional.

The problem is that many of these home repairs may seem inaccessible to an inexperienced homeowner.

Most homeowners have no idea how inside a toilet tank works, how to turn off the gas to their water heater, how to install a nightlight, how to install a thermostat for your heating and cooling system.

But most people have the option of repairing their toilet, changing the thermocouple on their water heater, relighting a night light, caulking around the tub and replacing a light switch.

The first thing to do is to be ready to try. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you take care of these things yourself without spending money to call a technician.

Here are some things that every homeowner needs to know to help them make their own repairs.

  • Where is your electric circuit breaker box (or fuse).
  • Know which circuit breaker (or fuse) cuts off which parts of your house.
  • Where the main gas shutoff valve is for natural gas or propane entering your home.
  • Where gas shutoff valves are for all gas appliances.
  • Where the main water shutoff valve is for the home. (Most homes have a stop valve before and after the water meter.)

If you know how and where to turn the water, the gas and electricity, do the different parts of your house. badly there should not be too much mess.

If you take these basic precautions, you will not have to feel bad about trying to maintain or repair anything in your home. After all, if you do too much damage, you can always call a repairer to fix it.

So, how are you going to learn to do these things?

Anymore my first stop is YouTube http://www.youtube.com/ for almost everything I want to know something about.

If I can not find what I'm looking for on YouTube or for a backup, I usually ask a friend or neighbor.

Your local hardware center or home center usually has competent people who can point you to the proper way to handle any task.

Your local library and the Internet have more information than you can handle.

From my experience, the best thing to do is to check some reliable sources and then start.

For maintenance, consult your owner's manuals. Almost everything in your home has a manual and if you do not have the manual, it can usually be found on the manufacturer's website.

What you will find is that the more you do maintenance and minor repairs, the easier it will be. Things no longer seem threatening and you are ready to try things bigger and bigger. Every thing you do for yourself saves you the cost of hiring someone to do it and often the work will be done faster.

I hope it helps.


Source by Charlie Gibson

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