Home Skin Polishing Procedure, Steps in Home Skin Polishing


Skin polishing at home is a skin polishing method that can be done at home by oneself and requires no medical expertise. This is also known as manual polishing of the skin and works on the same basic principle of skin exfoliation as other skin polishing techniques. This procedure does not require any machine as in other methods of polishing the skin.

Materials Needed

o Large Looped Washcloth
o Small Looped Washcloth
o Pumice Stone
o Flannel Fabric
o Olive Oil
o Cotton gloves
o Silk gloves

Procedure for polishing the skin at home

To start, apply olive oil all over the face and let it act for 20-25 minutes. This moisturizes the skin and prepares it for polishing.

Next, rub the pumice stone in areas where there is a strong accumulation of dead skin. Take the large, looped washcloth and lather it with mild soap or body wash and rub it over your body or face gently in a circular motion with light pressure. Do not rub too much because too much exfoliation leads to burning of the skin.

Repeat the procedure with the thin loop fabric, working quickly and without exfoliation of the skin.

After exfoliation with fine loop tissue, pat the skin with a soft towel and then use the flannel cloth to polish it. After polishing, you can feel the softness and softness of the skin instantly.

In the next step, polish the skin quickly but gently in circular motion with the cotton gloves. No pressure should be applied when polishing with cotton gloves.

For the final glow, repeat the same previous process but with satin gloves. After the last step, you will feel as if you had the most beautiful skin in the world and you could feel your hands sliding literally on the skin.


o The main advantage of this procedure is that it can be performed at home and gives almost the same result as other methods.
o this technique is very profitable.
o This procedure saves time and can be done at any time at home. You do not need free time for the beauty salon or cosmetic surgeon.


The main disadvantage is that the polishing of the skin at home involves no know-how, it can lead to skin exfoliation resulting in burns and redness of the skin.


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