Hormonal Acne Treatment to Achieve Great Clear Skin


Hormonal factors are one of the reasons why acne develops mostly in women. According to doctors, acne is the result of hormonal balance and that is what most women feel, even if they are pregnant. These groups of hormones are called androgens and these are the same hormones that trigger the teenage years, explaining why most teenagers live with acne during this period of their lives. This could happen during the first period of a girl or during the first excitement of a boy. This is something you can never avoid developing, but there are possible hormonal treatments for acne.

However, for most women, the problem of acne is usually caused and caused by hormonal imbalance. Here, women who are sensitive to what is also called a hormonal imbalance may not need excessively oily skin unnecessarily that can be the cause of acne breakouts. but the reason they develop acne is an inherent internal cause.

How does hormonal imbalance result in acne? According to some studies, it has been shown that acne is associated with fluctuations in blood sugar. When releasing multiple hormones, the body usually responds to blood sugar at a stroke, such as insulin, IGF-1 and some androgens. All of these hormones have something in common and all of this will cause acne.

Hormones and acne being related to each other, many hormonal treatments for acne have been developed to treat this skin problem. Some hormonal treatments for acne may include:

• Oral Medications Or Oral Contraceptives – These hormonal acne treatments contain progestins and estrogens to replace androgens. The result is that the body will produce less oil. This hormonal anti-acne medication is specifically designed for women who do not want to have a baby yet. Dianne 35 or Yasmin are part of it.

• Antiandrogens are another type of hormone treatment for acne – it controls the production of androgen hormone in the body, as well as oil. The use of anti-androgens makes the skin smooth and is no longer very oily, which decreases the risks of clogging pores at the origin of acne .

• Natural Treatments: Hormonal acne can be best treated by adopting a healthy lifestyle and having a balanced diet. It is advisable to reduce the consumption of foods high in fats and sugars because they are triggers of acne. Eat foods with fiber and drink plenty of fluids to flush out toxins in the body that can also cause acne breakouts.

Hormonal treatments for acne can work effectively, but they also have major side effects. Women taking hormonal medications for acne can have beautiful skin, but negative effects can also occur. These side effects may include excessive weight gain, changes in libido (there may be a sensation of increased or decreased libido), mood swings, uncontrolled diet.


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