Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Preserves a Woman's Body Post Menopause


Menopause is a difficult problem for women to negotiate. Hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, insomnia and vaginal dryness are just some of the problems. It's a position very similar to that of puberty where the body is out of control and the emotions of a sequel continue. If a woman going through this period is facing additional pressures with family or work, she may lose her confidence and sink into a state of depression.

The effect on those around him has an impact on his moods because they usually do not understand what is happening to him. In my case, the best thing was the hormone replacement therapy that almost immediately corrected the problems. The brain was clear of its confusion, the other symptoms naturally stopped and the energy levels were restored.

The question many are asking is the safety of this HRT. Some studies link it to breast cancer and other diseases as a warning. But speaking of personal experience, development risks are largely outweighed by the benefits.

Unlike my situation, my sister, five years younger, did not take HRT and she had a hysterectomy that removed the female reproductive organs. By the time she was 50, she was diagnosed with the bones of an 80-year-old. She then suffered from osteoporosis with her bones, especially her ribs, breaking with the slightest pressure.

On top of that, she also has irritable bowel syndrome and other things like shingles. His blood pressure was still low and other problems emerged. Although active and stoic, her health deteriorated rapidly and she died two years ago from pancreatic cancer at the age of 71. It can not be said that HRT would have saved her but she certainly did not cause cancer.

By contrast, my body is fit, healthy, strong, with no disease or blood pressure at the age of 78. My brain is active and productive and most of the time I go to the gym. My bones are also strong without any sign of osteoporosis. I do not even have headaches or other things that most people of my age would normally suffer. I do not even wear glasses.

Although there are great benefits to getting HRT, I believe that it also preserves the body until older age. Cancers of the type they proclaim can be associated with this disease, in my opinion, are not related to this one. Breast cancer is common among women of all ages and some die in their twenties.

Getting rid of the terrible symptoms of menopause is a great achievement for medical scientists. They have allowed many women to remain a productive force in society. My mother who never benefited from it suffered and died at the age of 56 years.

While everyone is different and people have diverse opinions about what is good for their health, my suggestion is to go where your body takes you. Do not be scared or put off by claims that have not been proven yet.


Source by Norma Holt

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