House Design Floor Plan – How to Buy a House Design Floor Plan?


Whether you are building a new house, adding to an existing home, or renovating your current home; you will need a home design plan. If you have experience in architectural design, you can easily design your floor plan. However, if you are like most, you will need to hire an architect to plan your home design or buy floor plans for designing a home worthy organization. of confidence.

House design plans are available in hundreds of designs. You can find everything from Beach House plans to Victorian house plans. Homes range from 900 square feet to over 10,000 square feet and most plans can be customized to better meet your needs.

Some companies offer comprehensive packages, which include floor plans for home design, cost estimating services and a referral service for quality home builders in your area. Other companies offer discount services or bundled packages, which allow you to buy a set of three or more home design plans at a reduced rate.

When buying home design plans, make sure they are designed by professional architects who are NCARB certified. House plans must comply with nationally recognized building codes and include the following:

1) Exterior elevations from the front, rear and back sides

2) Interior elevations showing fireplaces, cabinets, built-in units, and other special interior features.

3) Detailed floor plans showing the location of interior walls and the dimensions of rooms, doors, windows and stairs.

4) Detail of the cross section, which shows the construction details of the house, the insulation, the flooring and the roof.

5) Roof plans showing the details of the layout.

6) Background drawings for a crawl space or territory.

7) Electrical diagrams showing details of lighting fixtures, outlets and switches.

8) General specifications plan which specifies the details of the house and the property where it will be built.

Interior design magazines, such as Architectural Digest and Interior Design, offer many resources that save time and money. Often, you can find unique home design plans by browsing the classified section of home design magazines.

Your local library can also provide you with information on all aspects of designing your own home. Often libraries offer "do it yourself" videos on a wide range of topics, which can be exceptionally useful if you plan to build your own home.

Plan to spend a reasonable amount of time researching home improvement plans before investing money. Internet offers easy access to hundreds of unique ideas and useful information that can facilitate your construction experience.


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