House Design – Industry Jargon and What It Means


If you look into the home design process, you may have encountered some terms or words that do not make sense to you. Here are some common features covered in the design of the house:

Alcove – The house design incorporates this architectural term for a recess in a room, often used for shelves and display shelves for example . An alcove can often be a great way to use otherwise useless spaces.

Architrave – These are moldings that surround doors and windows. In ancient times, they were often ornamental and had sculptures or excellent details about them, but today they tend to be more classic in style.

Bargeboard – These are often complementary to the general design, and are placed under the eaves of a gable (see below) between your roof and the wall. Sometimes these are also decorative.

Gable – Depending on the type of house you are designing, you may or may not have visible gables – These are the triangles formed at the front / side / back of a house by rooftops sloping.

Prefabricated – The design of a modern home often allows a house to be almost entirely built in a factory and then transported to the site, that's what calls for prefabrication. This method of construction is also known as "prefabricated".

Plinth – It is also another form of molding that can be decorative or simple and cover the lowest part of a wall where it meets the floor covering . Also known as a plank, this serves both to decorate and protect the wall against abrasions.

These are just a few of the terms you can hear during the design process of the house and there will be many more. It is for this reason that it is important to feel comfortable enough with your architect of choice to be able to ask him or her questions.


Source by Ian M MacDonald

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