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House designs are powerful symbols that you can use to create a statement to the world about who you are. The buildings have a long life and will continue to communicate your statement to the world long after you leave. The designs of the house are also a mark of self-actualization.

The initial step to realize the plan of your dream home is to contact an architect. Explain to your architect what you want your house to look like. You can search the Internet for similar home pictures and floor plans. This will inspire you to be able to explain to your architect exactly how you want to design your home.

You can also explain to your architect on which statement or symbol you may wish your house to communicate by design. At this point, your budget will be important because it will dictate the size of the house you will have. Mortgage financing is available from Housing Finance, KCB Savings and Loan, Barclays, Equity Bank, Standard Chartered, Stanbic or any other financial institution in Kenya.

The architect will incorporate the design and symbols into a form and will work on the functionality of here. Functionality involves how spaces are linked to each other, eg. the kitchen should be near the dining room, the bedrooms should be located away from the living room, the structure of the structure should be structurally sound and in compliance with the Building Code and all laws governing the construction houses

. 3-dimensional graphic design software such as ArchiCAD, your architect should be able to present the house in 3 D chart for you to make your recommendations and changes. This process will continue until you are satisfied with the design of the house.

Your architect will print the house plan in A1 format and make 4 copies of the plan. He will submit the drawings to the local competent authority in Kenya, Nairobi, City Council.

The Council will review the drawings to confirm they are in compliance with the Kenya Building Code and therefore livable.

Once approvals are granted, usually after a few weeks, you can now proceed to the next step: Construction.

At this point you can ask your metrology expert to provide a quantitative quote, ie a breakdown of all the materials and quantities to be used in the house and a construction cost estimated by article. With this blank document [without the price component] you can invite several construction contractors to quote for the construction of the house. With the help of your architect and quantity surveyor, you can choose the best in terms of past experience on similar construction and pricing. 19659002] After selection, you contract with the contractor and your architect supervises the work of the contractors to make sure that it complies with the agreed design and quality and workmanship. Construction contracts in Kenya are available at the offices of the Architectural Association of Kenya, Professional Center, Nairobi, Kenya.

Once the contractor has completed the construction according to the plans, you can move into the house of your dreams and live comfortably


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