House Plans – Ten Quick Tips on House Design for This Smaller House Plan


Picking and designing house plans is an explosion. One of the good things about my work in building and remodeling is the chance to learn from various industry professionals. And working with architects to design houses is one of the most fun.

I would like to share some of the things I've learned while designing or selecting a smaller home. Smaller house plans require a little more detail and creativity to make them feel bigger when they are inhabited.


If you are thinking about building a smaller home, pay attention to these factors and your home will feel and be more habitable.

  • One or more rooms should extend from wall to exterior wall if possible.
  • Keep the interior open and flowing, not cut.
  • Eat in a big kitchen and eliminate the formal dining room.
  • French doors open onto a protected room or exposed to the sun.
  • Have a lot of windows in the main living areas.
  • Try a shared bathroom with a separate bathroom.
  • Reduce or eliminate corridors.
  • Try a detached garage with lots of storage in the attic.
  • Use vaulted ceilings if possible with a loft.
  • Instead of 8 foot ceilings, increase to 10 feet.

Home design requires review

Use these tips to select pre-established plans or when using an architect. Either way, you should make decisions about what is most important to you in a home. For the most part, small houses must feel big and inviting.

The goal is to make the best use of available space in every possible place. Finding spaces for storage is vital. The combined rooms are a big help. Good design will eliminate all corridors. This gives more space to popular areas.


Small should not be in the narrow. If you list your priorities and focus on what is most important, you will get what you really want. Good construction of houses!


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