How are double-glazed windows evaluated for their effectiveness?


You know that it is a wise choice to invest in double glazed windows for your home. Not only will they last for years, but this type of window offers much better energy efficiency than traditional types, which will reduce your heating and cooling bills while being better for the environment.

But consumers also want to know exactly how glazed windows are rated for their effectiveness. Are all double glazed products similar? Is it worth it to triple glazing? What does a B note mean? The answers to these questions will help you become a better consumer, better informed and help you choose the right windows for your home.

How are double glazed windows evaluated?

The British Fenestration Grading Council (BFRC) is responsible for classifying and labeling windows sold in the United Kingdom according to their energy efficiency. The council is a subsidiary of the professional association of the Glass and Glazing Federation. These links with industry help the BFRC to present honest and rigorous ratings to help consumers make better decisions about products in their homes.

What is the rating system based on?

The BFRC assigns Windows a score ranging from A (higher rating) to E (lower rating). After testing a product based on the quality of its contents and keeping the heat in your home while allowing the sun to enter and provide free heat, the board classifies and labels the product with the results. The ability to keep condensation away and to block wind and sound are also factors in the scoring system.

Are all double glazed windows similar?

BFRC grades are a quick and accurate way for consumers to determine the differences between window marks and lines. Products with excellent quality (A) may be more expensive to install, but will provide your home with better performance and will save you more money on your heating bills over time.

Triple glazed products also began to enter the market. Some consumers are wondering if they need to improve their existing double glazing. If your windows are in good condition and are a very graduated model, the difference that triple glazing will produce is minimal.

The BFRC rating covers the entire window, including the frame and the construction. Be sure to consider the brand and range of double glazed windows that you plan to install. Top rated models must also bear Energy Saving Trust Recommended labels, stating that they have passed these tests with optimal results.


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