How Bad is the Pain When You Get a Tattoo? The Real Truth


How bad is the pain when you get tattooed?

The short answer to that is, it depends. Because the tattooing process involves the insertion of needles into the skin, a certain level of discomfort is almost inevitable.

Several factors will determine the level of discomfort you will feel, if any.

1) Your pain threshold, which is the point where you begin to feel pain. It is a subjective phenomenon. It differs from one person to another both in intensity and in the time that the pain takes to calm down.

For the vast majority of people, the tattooing process is fine in their level of tolerance, with the discomfort described mainly as a feeling of itching, or a burning sensation.

2) The tattooed body part can determine the level of discomfort felt.

As a rule, the less the area is fleshy, the more you may be embarrassed. Body areas where the skin is close to the bone, such as the ankles, knees, face, elbow, toes and lower back, are particularly uncomfortable, while the fleshy arms, buttocks and arms are the least troublesome.

3) The quality of the tattoo artist you visit may determine how the feelings of discomfort are addressed. An experienced tattoo artist will implement pain relief measures, such as the use of creams and ointments, if you inform him of excessive pain or discomfort during the process. It is therefore essential to choose well, when looking for a tattoo parlor.

4) Your state of mind / mental state is an important determinant of pain tolerance. Enter a tattoo parlor with a positive and determined state of mind, and this can have the psychological effect of limiting feelings of discomfort in the tattooing process. The use of music as a relaxing tool is well known and old, so you may want to go with your iPod.

In conclusion, a survey conducted in January 2008 by Harris Interactive estimated that 14% of adults in the United States are tattooed. That's almost 40 million people! You simply would not have as many people with tattoos across the country if it caused unbearable discomfort.

Most tattooed people say that the process was not as painful as they had feared, and the large number of people wearing a beloved tattoo should give you confidence and inspiration to realize that you too can handle it.


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