How can I make my house beautiful?


What is beauty? How do you define what makes our existence base and animal bearable? The Oxford English Dictionary has it as "a combination of shape, color and form that satisfies aesthetic styles". The Wikipedia online encyclopedia, says big the same thing using many, many more words, tons of links and a clutch of random images. In Australia, it's a big fish. For me, however, the only thing that truly demonstrates beauty by essence is the vinyl sticker wall sticker.

The ability to perceive beauty probably by the necessity of evolution: If an environment seemed ok then it would probably provide adequate food and shelter and if a person seemed ok then there is a good chance that the offspring resulting from a union with this individual be OK too. In the same way, if a wall sticker just looks at the exit of the tube, it must be beautiful above the sofa!

It is easy to see this instinct of beauty in the behavior of little children. A small child will always be attracted to those who have a fair appearance and if you have seen people in Asda, you wondered why there was not much more to "run away and shout". A smile from a beautiful person will delight a little child and put them to giggle almost as much as a wall sticker. Almost, but not quite.

Beauty is also defined in the ideas of proportion and symmetry. Classical architects and Renaissance survivors like Palladio devised even the smallest part of a structure in strict agreement with proportions and ratios as a + b on a = a on b = 1.61. No, I do not know what it means that 1.61 is very close to my height in meters when I put a wall sticker in a trench. It looks good, is not it?

Mankind has strived over the millennia to make its environment as pleasant as possible. The cave paintings of Lascaux almost certainly had a spiritual significance for modern man, but maybe not even that he was just fed up with the sight of the smoky limestone that we ourselves have tired of finishes in. textured plaster? Would not it also be possible that wall stickers are the pinnacle of this search for visual nirvana? I think they are.

In the modern era, classic classical ideas of beauty have often been rejected, mainly by bitter, mustache-stricken people, cut off by their bourgeois parents for not doing anything respectable before the First World War. . How much this rejection of beauty is out of date now that we have wall stickers to brighten the living room, the bedroom and even the kitchen!

It is true that beyond the artificial environment, the natural world offers us many wonderful sites: sunsets, sunrises, mountains, delicate flowers and kittens, but it would require Fabric eyes to not appreciate a Banksy painting or a cartoon bunny forged in resistant pink UV-resistant poly-vinyl resistant. Then raise a glass (and then drink what's in it and then have another one) at the peak of aesthetic perfection: Wall Stickers! I thank you.


Source by Nick Aj Austin

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