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It was 6:00 pm I rushed to the nearby salon because I had a university wedding to attend the next day. My only need was to cut my curly hair a bit so that they did not look too scary. As I parked my bike on the parking lot, I saw a middle-aged woman get out of her Volkswagen and rush inside the salon. I followed him. As soon as she came into the living room, she shouted, "Can someone care for me?" It's urgent. & # 39; A young girl politely asked her what she wanted. She said, "See, I want to look better.It's my son's wedding tomorrow.So, just make a makeover so that I do not look like his mom!"
This middle aged woman in the living room reminded me of my grandmother.He had a habit of shining even at the age of 70. She never went into a salon, never did waxing, whitening or relooking.But she never looked 70. When I asked her about the secret, she explained; are defined by your skin.The easiest mantra to look young is to stay happy all the time.Your skin reflects your spirit.â €

She had her own beauty salon at home.Some beauty tips It was easy for me to learn:

1. Gram flour paste: Add 1-2 tablespoons of gram flour in water and apply to your skin immediately. Wash it once it dries completely. It is one of the best cleaning agents for your skin.
2. Sandalwood paste: Take a spoon full of sandalwood powder, add some rose water and keep it for a while. Apply this paste to your face and remove it after 15 minutes. Your skin will be ecstatic. Do this three or four times a week to enjoy long-term results.
3. Cucumber juice: This is a good astringent. The juice should be applied before sunrise or after sunset for best results. The idea is to avoid contact with the sun's rays.

Some other useful tips for feeding your skin are given below:

1. Drink a lot of water. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water flushes toxins out of your body, making your skin shiny and healthy
2. Protect your skin from dust and UV rays (Ultra Violet). Use sunscreen every time you go out and wash your skin in cold water as soon as you are at home.
3. Sleep at least 7 hours a day. This makes your skin healthier and you will feel refreshed.
4. Avoid junk food and instant foods. The processed food will accelerate the aging of your skin.
5. Alcohol causes the expansion of blood vessels resulting in skin irritation and red spots. Avoid using alcohol
6. Practice relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation. This will help you maintain a stress free life, thus making your skin healthy.
7. Eat a lot of leafy vegetables and fruits.

As my grandmother said, all these tips are secondary. The main point is to keep you happy and happy. You will never grow old if you have a young and healthy mind.

– Archana


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