How do you decorate a white Christmas tree?


The first rule of thumb is to buy tree lights with a clear or white cable. Your look could be completely messed up if you try to put the lights of last year on the tree if the cable is green! And do not be mean to the lights; make sure you have enough things to do about 100 lights per foot.
Apart from that, the same rules apply regardless of the color of your tree!

The decoration of any tree is to find the right balance, both with color and variety. How you decorate your tree and what you use depends on your personal choice; there are no quick rules. The quantity or quantity added depends on the individual taste. So consider your options carefully; Do you want a tree while signage, or do you want something simple but chic?

Once you've chosen a look, the colors you use should match your decor and style you choose, make sure to buy decorations of different sizes, especially if you opt for a bauble only. ; theme as the different sizes will help to create a contrast and interest.

When choosing new decorations, you must either work with one color and buy different tones and finishes, or choose a minimum of three colors. If you opt for more than one color, choose the main colors of your room and if you feel adventurous, add another one. Regarding the general appearance, for example for a piece whose primary colors are blue and gold, with off-white walls, I would choose blue and gold decorations (obviously), but I Also add bronze and / or orange to the mix. Or, if I felt really brave, I would become radical and create a truly amazing effect by keeping everything white (with perhaps a hint of money or gold), paying special attention to many. different textures and materials.

Again, consider the overall effect you want to achieve. If you add foliage, artificial feather flowers, then I would get them the same color and start putting them first. Make a real statement by adding the artificial flower with the foliage / feather behind – the effect is amazing and will help create a real dimension to the tree. Start by placing yourself first in the upper left corner of the tree as you face it, then work diagonally. Then add your biggest decorations, always according to the same diagonal work theory. Once you are satisfied with the scale, you can start adding your little decorations to the gaps. Just remember to stay back to make sure you're happy with the balance between style and colors and remember if you want to add depth to your tree, place balls closer to the trunk.

If you are going to use a ribbon on the tree (please, no garlands!), Make sure it is rolled up to the same angle with the same amount of d & # 39; Space between the row – there is no need to get in the ribbon, put it carefully on a few branches. Alternatively, work the ribbon from the top to the bottom of the tree, simply sliding it slowly every two rows.

Whatever your tastes, decorating a Christmas tree is personal, but take time and think. And if you have the chance to create this site, Look, then take some pictures to be able to recreate the same effect next year!

Good luck!


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