How Do You Know If Your Skin Cancer Is Potentially Fatal?


Technically speaking, any skin cancer is potentially lethal if it is not treated. However, there are more serious forms of the disease, although they are much rarer.

Mycosis Fungoides

Fungoid mycosis is an extremely rare form of skin cancer and affects twice as many men as women. Many people assume that it is an innocent fungal infection when they hear the name for the first time; however, it is actually a much more sinister condition that is a type of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma.

Generally, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma is uncontrollable growth in the skin of cells T in the body. While most people do not notice any changes in their daily lives once they have fungal fungus, it still needs to be treated as soon as possible.

Which Mycosis Fungoides affects the most and what is the cause:

Mycosis Fungoides seems to affect more people with black skin than fair-skinned people, and as mentioned earlier, it affects men more than men. women.

Although it is possible that the disease strikes at any age, it usually affects older people. over fifty years old. Why the condition appears is currently unknown, but you certainly can not pass it on to someone else. The condition is not hereditary and the symptoms tend to vary from one person to the other.

Itching seems to be the most common form of symptoms in most people, and the disease itself appears to occur at various stages. In the early stages, the skin develops small spots of redness, although in darker skin, the spots may simply appear darker than usual.

Plates are usually extremely itchy and you may notice spots on the skin. They tend to appear mainly on the buttocks, under the arms, on the hips and on the chest.

The second stage usually includes skin tumors. The color of the pieces now seems to be a purple color and they are also high. They are sometimes ulcerated, although this does not happen all the time.

Then there is the stage of redness where, besides the skin patches and bumps, large sections of the skin become red. These areas of the skin also tend to be really itchy and they often look as scaly as they are. You may also notice that the folds of the skin on your face and in the palms of your hands become thick enough and may even crack.

Finally, if it is not treated, the disease tends to spread to other parts of the body. the first parts of the body affected are the lymph nodes.

These then become inflamed and at this stage they can become cancerous. If they are cancerous, the disease can spread to the liver, lungs and even bone marrow.

It usually takes about six years to diagnose fungus mycosis early in the onset of symptoms. This can make early treatment difficult and, as mentioned, people usually do not know that they are suffering from the disease and their normal life is not usually disrupted.

It is extremely common to confuse the condition with other conditions and generally in order to: fully diagnose this condition; a skin sample should be taken.

Usually, if they are detected early, steroid creams can be used to eliminate the disease, but if they are cancerous, chemotherapy may be necessary. As rare as it is, Mycosis Fungoides is present in some people and it really takes a lot of time to realize that you actually have it.

This is not usually fatal, but it is not treated for some time. very long after diagnosis, it can unfortunately lead to death.

Any type of skin cancer is potentially dangerous, just catch it early enough and pay attention to any symptoms that keep it away.


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