How NOT to Treat Acne During Pregnancy


If a particular drug causes side effects during treatment, it simply means that the drug creates other diseases or problems in the body. Such a medicine can not be considered useful to the body. This is the kind of dilemma that you can face when you take medication during pregnancy.

One of the widest and most used drugs in the treatment of acne is one that contains isotretinoin. Indeed, isotretinoin is considered effective against any serious form of acne. These drugs belong to a class of retinoids derived from vitamin A. The drug gives favorable results on acne. But then, some side effects can not be overlooked, even though it is very effective and able to produce good results on acne. It should NOT be given to pregnant women. This is due to these types of drugs causing birth defects in the developing fetus. Contact your doctor if you are pregnant, married or of childbearing age if you have been prescribed the medicine.

The side effects of isotretinoin far outweigh its benefits for pregnant women. The side effects are horrible. You are even better without the burden of a child with congenital abnormalities. Pregnant women are tips to avoid Isotretinion medications. Other side effects are itching, thinning of the hair, dry skin, itchy red eyes, dry mouth, dry lips and nose. You can even deal with liver disease, vomiting, depression, nausea, anxiety, and blood flow.

As a woman, before you start taking this medicine, you must have a pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, you must inform the doctor if you wish to breastfeed after pregnancy. And if you are not pregnant yet, you should tell your doctor if you are planning a pregnancy in the near future. Normally, the advice is to take a contraceptive pill before pregnancy and after stopping the drug for at least a month. Always consult your doctor before and after using the medicine.

Hormonal imbalances are welcome during pregnancy, which can lead to an explosion of acne. During the first three months of pregnancy, you can have severe acne breakouts even if you have the best skin. As the pregnancy progresses a few months, the skin gets rid of acne.

It is best to avoid oral medications that are not recommended by a doctor to protect the growing fetus in you from any form of hormones. Avoid taking risks in your confidential state. If you have to take Isotretinion, there are some things you are supposed to do that you should not pay attention to, in consultation with your doctor.


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