How Technology Is Shrinking The World Around Us


Technology has evolved with the time, and one thing which is very prominent in the evolution history is its size. There is an inversely proportional relationship between the size of technological devices and its growth. It is transverse over a period of time by the compacting of the device in an intelligent manner.

In today's world, one of the most revolutionary devices is a mobile phone, purely because of the immense power it possesses regarding mobility and accessibility. Moreover, that is the reason why everything around us today is shrinking. The sheer brilliance of technology lies in attenuating the tangibility so that it gets easy to use anytime, anywhere. It is the imagination which drives the vehicle of innovation to downsize technology corporeally.

Few of these changes around the world are creating storms worldwide by delivering what was once out of imagination. We are aware of the power of mobile application development . The website is an ideal utility platform when it comes to user engagement, but with the advent of mobile app development, it is possible to offer comprehensive services to the users at their fingertip. Gone are the days to visit the shopping malls and do all those shopping. Now is the time to skim through the best eCommerce websites and get to know about all the trends and recent product catalogs.

This is the first time I've seen a movie,

The Amazon Dash button has revolutionized the utility shopping by shrinking the shopping experience to just one button. It is possible with Amazon Dash to press the dedicated product button anywhere in the house as per the convenience. Once pressed, the order is placed.

Artists, for example, painters, can now use mobile apps to sketch and paint their imagination on the go. Graphic Pens and Stylus Pens and Stylus Pens and Stylus Pens and Stylus Pens and Stylus. Also, apart from just squeezing the canvas, technology is leveraging on the applicability as well.

camera-based digital pen It consists of accelerometer-based digital paints, pressure sensitive digital paint brushes,

Virtual reality is becoming an actual reality in today's world. Compacting the size of VR experience, VR kits are in the market for commercial use. These devices are bound to shrink the 3D video experience by scaling down the entire 3D screen to just one box by giving wings to the augmented reality. VR devices are going to squeeze the 3D cinema experience within just one box, without compromising on the gratification level of end-users.

For gamers, this is a dream come true. Xbox 360 was the thing of fascination; It should be the next of the past. The experience of blending the human senses are now dwindling swiftly. Playstation VR is already up and sweeping the market.

– Gyroscope is effectively utilized in mobile phones to integrate VR experience

– It is worn gesture-control rings to simulate the real world movements to Virtual world

– It is very to immerse inside the virtual world with the advent of VR system like Oculus Rift

Google glass is the other innovation which aims to replace the traditional commands with Ubicomp (Ubiquitous computing). While we talk about the hardware of Ubicomp, we speak of the technologies that support the computing. It includes the Internet, progressive middleware, minimized operating system, sensors, microprocessors, accelerated user-interfaces, GPS technology, and other mobility protocols

Google glass features a touchpad, camera, and LCoS integrated display to provide users with a complete package for optimized utility. The applications of Google Glass are sufficient to enhance the functionality of healthcare applications, Military efficiency, and Journalism to name a few. Recently, during the Nepal earthquake, the government embraced the usability of Google Glass to tackle the poachers of wild animals and herbs in Chitwan International Park and other national parks which falls under the World Heritage sites

Technology, as always, is beyond scope beyond the imagination. Now that you are about Virtual reality box and Google glass imagine if we blend both? Utilizing Google glass as VR box? Even though, Google Glass failed to mark its fortune in the world of welcoming technologies the idea is certainly amazing. There is an enormous amount of scope regarding computing with wearable devices in coming time.

This is the first time I have seen a lot of people in the world.

Sensel's trackpad Morph

The new sensorial trackpad is the first of its kind in the world,

Morph is a multi-touch, pressure-sensitive technology, challenging the status quo by providing latency blend with accuracy and power. With Morph, it is possible to play the piano without carrying one, to draw and paint the real trackpad as Keyboard. It is all conceivable because of its 20,000 pressure sensors deployed inside. For artists and gamers, it is bound to open the avenues of unleashing creativity and madness with the help of the same device. However, its implications in health industry can not be rejected. So everything from a DJ's console to a computer keypad can sit on the Morph, which makes controlling pretty easy – saving time and space.

The implications of technology are immense, but it is only after the fundamentally proving the device's applicability the alteration is size is possible. The core idea behind every technological innovation is to figure out the solution to today's world in the best possible way.


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