How to become a professional home builder – How to find out more


You will never know all that there is about the construction industry it is humanly impossible. But I think the more you know the better. Our program is an excellent starting point and the following can help to broaden your knowledge as a professional builder.

1. Required Reading

As a builder, my time is very limited on what I can read about the construction industry. One of my favorite publications is The Journal of Light Construction . What a great magazine to learn all the tricks of building – to properly build the areas of a home and manage related construction problems. You will get a Ph.D. Under construction if you read this magazine every month.

The next is Builder Magazine. This publication will keep you informed of the market, national trends, what is hot and what is not, as well as all new products on the market. If you join the Association of Home Builders in your area, you will normally receive a subscription to this magazine as part of your membership. If you become a builder, you can normally acquire a free subscription to this publication by simply asking.

2. The home builder association

I strongly recommend you to join your local chapter. You can locate your nearest chapter by going online.

Not only will you enjoy the meetings you attend but it will also give you a chance to get in touch with the Professionals in your area and you will meet lenders, subcontractors and suppliers. You will also have access to the insurance you need at a discount on what most people are paying.


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