How to block your cell phone number when you call someone


You may not want the person you are calling to see your phone number. The reasons you might want to hide your cell number include:

o You do not want the person you are calling seeing you called him 10 times in a row.

o You do not know the person you are calling and you do not want them to have access to your number.

o You call an unknown company or number and you do not want them to know your number.

If you decide you want to keep your cell phone number secret, you will need to block your number. Blocking your number can be done temporarily or permanently. Temporarily blocking your number on a call-by-call basis is a good idea if there are only a few people whose numbers you want to hide. To temporarily block your number so that it does not show up on the recipient's caller ID, dial * 67 before dialing the number (IE * 67 111-111-1111 ).

Keep in mind that you should know that when you use * 67 to temporarily block your number, there will be nothing to inform you that your number has been blocked successfully. Therefore, if you want to make sure that it works, do a quick check and call your phone number before trying to use this service on someone else.

If you really want your cell number to be private, your mobile phone number permanently, you will need to contact your wireless service provider and request a "line block". Once the block of lines has been established, your number will not appear to anyone. However, if for some reason you want your phone number to appear for the recipient, you can enter your phone number by dialing * 82 before dialing your phone number.

Finally, you should know that your cell phone number will not be blocked from toll free numbers (IE 800 numbers) or emergency services.

Also, blocking your cell phone number may be a good idea if you try to find out who has a phone number by recalling the mystery number.


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