How To Breastfeed Your Husband And Make It Hot!


Let me say this first: Breastfeeding and breastfeeding relationships between adults are not for everyone. Some people may even be repelled by this idea. But if you are even slightly interested in trying with your man, you should make sure to follow these 5 breastfeeding tips.

1. Make it a special occasion – Breastfeeding your husband or boyfriend is an extremely intimate and private activity. But if you do it every night with your man, he will quickly lose his appeal to you both. Instead of breastfeeding your man regularly, try to break it and do it only once or twice a week to make it a special occasion.

2. Make sure you are both clean – I can not believe I say that! But even in 2012, some people do not take their hygiene and sexual health seriously. Before breastfeeding your man, make sure that you are clean and make sure that you do not suffer from STDs.

3. Try to talk dirty – If you really want to increase the sensations you give your man while breastfeeding, why not try talking to him at the same time. You have nothing to say that is totally outrageous. The best way to talk with your man while you are breastfeeding is to simply describe how you feel.

You can say things like: "It's really good" or "I love how you suck my nipples" "Make me suck the breasts really excites me now". That's all we can say about it. As you feel more comfortable, you can begin to clarify what he needs to tell him.

4. This is the perfect time for a handjob – If your man is lying on your lap while sucking your breasts, then you are in an ideal position to start giving him a handjob at the same time. Just as for him talking pig, you have nothing special to do. Just grab his sleeve with a soft grip and gently begin to caress. Ideally, you want him to ejaculate once he's finished sucking your boobs.

5. Make sure that it reciprocates – Although breastfeeding your man is usually a mutually erotic sexual act, it is possible that your man appreciates much more than you. If this is the case, make sure that it returns the favor and does something good for you.

So, if you find yourself sitting, waiting for him to finish, maybe he'll eat you next. Or maybe you have "this position" that you really enjoy. Whatever it is, make sure sex is both a source of pleasure and not just yours.


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