How to Choose the Best Human Hair Extension Supplier For Your Salon Business


Making hair extensions has become one of the most lucrative jobs a salon can do, but the quality of its work is actually equal to that of the hair purchased from the hair extension seller.

Fusion hair extensions are gaining popularity, but again, even though the use of pure keratin binding is a supreme method for attaching hair extensions, your best methods can be destroyed because of the laxity of your provider of hair extensions. As in all things, quality is at the rendezvous and the customer is happy, beautiful and satisfied for a long time!

It is both difficult and very frustrating to decide who to use for hair extensions. A lot of time and money with your client to be sure to deliver a high quality product. The choice of high quality hair is that your client will agree with you that your work has lasted as opposed to salons that use the cheapest hair that they can find. Virgin Indian Remy hair, for example, has all the cuticles firmly intact and is placed in a unidirectional method so that there is no entanglement during brushing or combing.

A cheap human hair will not match the texture or shine of your client, or it will come off easily and therefore will not last as long as it should. In addition, it is known that inexpensive human hair extensions damage the customer's root system and result in tedious lawsuits, not to mention the loss of money that the salon will experience both in cash spent in court action and in direct loss if the living room loses cash.

A professional extensionist can combine color as closely as possible, as well as natural, naturally curly hair for those who need it, or wavy hair if they need it. Hair treated to become curly come off, have an unnatural appearance when they are mixed with naturally curly hair, and break down much faster than if you were using a human hair extension seller . Pure quality does not throw and do not get tangled.

Some providers of human hair extensions use hair drawn by a simple draw and some by hair pulled by two. It is important to know your supplier when ordering because we can not rely on the fact that even simple and drawn hair will be of better quality than double hair.

Ask your supplier if the hair you are buying has already been stretched. The lengthening of the hair allows a longer length, but it dries the hair, facilitates the entanglement and allows you to get hair with extremely fine ends.

To be sure of getting the best quality, it is best to order or request samples before validating an order. Train yourself to use the hair of a manikin to make sure that quality is something that you are ready to install on your client. Check with your human hair extension dealer for more details on the hair before ordering them.


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