How to Choose the Right Color Nail Polish Based on Your Skin Tone


As with any style of beauty, there are some basic principles to follow. Similarly, when selecting nail polish colors, certain things need to be taken into account. The colors of nail polish are designed to flatter, or at least complement the skin tone of the wearer. Here is a simple guide to help you choose the right color for your complexion.

For Clear Skin

• Women with light or clear skin can use most colors for their nails. However, there are still differences between women with fair skin, shade and shade. Women whose skin is too pale may want to avoid extremely dark colors, because they will look too disheveling.

• Choose shades that will flatter your light skin, such as soft or shiny pink.

• If you want a healthy, rosy look, use pink nail polish.

• A blue-based varnish is generally recommended.

For a medium complexion [19659003] • Being medium in color, midtones can carry most shades.

• Medium tones work well with nails, as colors and prints blend well with the color of the skin. It is recommended to use nail art designs that have metallic undertones.

• The use of glitter varnish will add a bronzed appearance.

• The use of bright colors like yellow, blue, orange or pink will be impressive. Bright colors are the perfect color for this complexion.

• To accentuate the neutral color of midtones, you can use light blue metallic and silver versions.

• Avoid Navy Blue, Dark Purple and Red

Dark Skin Tone

• To enhance the beauty of dark skin tones, use nail polish dark color. Colors like chocolate brown, dark green, red or a beautiful burgundy match well with the rich color of dark-skinned women.

• Gold also looks great on dark skin. polished to gold.

• However, if you want to accentuate tanned skin, lighter shades can be used. Other colors that can work for dark skin are light brown and chocolate, pink, light blue and purple. Since tanning is a color embraced by the sun, golden nail polish should be avoided as it will blend completely into the overall color of the skin, making it invisible. For the tan, opt for the colors found on the warm side of the color chart.

• Yellow-based colors are strongly recommended for women with dark complexions.

for nail polish is quite simple: dark to dark and light to light. Light skin will look better with light to medium colors, while darker skin will look better with medium to deep dark colors.


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