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We all fall under the same hatch, we want to buy a perfect bike or super for ourselves but most of the time, we are completely lost with the kind of bikes that would suit us and why it should be in the list of contention too. We want to have a great bike, but where do we start? Which bike would you choose first? Would it be likely to start with the engine specifications you want or the energy efficiency? This is never going to be easy, but the option for all this on your list is on the spot.

What are the first things you would have to add to your list and, more importantly, how would you decide before even starting a bike comparison? When you compare bikes, you must find the best things that you deem most important to you as a user. What features would you like to get on the list of the most important devices?

Engine Capacity: This is probably the first thing you add because it means you have decided the most important part of your motorcycle – the engine. You would like to base this on the kind of person you are. Do you want a really super-powerful bike that will fill your need for speed or do you completely compare two wheels on the design? This defines just about everything you think is perfect for you. When you compare the bike to the engine capacity, you stay at the same height as possible. If you are looking for a use in a city, you want a bike that is not really powerful but enough to help you get through the traffic and traffic jams. So something below 400cc makes perfect logic at all times. Nothing more and you could ask too much.

Design and style: You can not go without a comparison of two wheels, but if you have a beautiful bike, you will inevitably have heads spinning. Any bike lover would have this right on the top of the list because you need it to look good and keep the feel on the road. Depending on the type of person you are, choose between sports, placid and cruiser. These are the first three to choose.

Cost and Energy Efficiency: It's completely about the kind of wallet you have and how much you are willing to splurge. If you have a deep pocket that is ready to travel the distance, you can spend anywhere near 1.5L on a good bike and any bike comparison in India will give you a decent list of this lot. Make sure you look at healthy mileages because you do not want to spend excessively on the fuel of a bicycle. Compare bike options that gives you the same mileage for the closest comparisons.

The best bike comparison would have these few points covered and at the end of the day, it defines a bike you buy. You have to compare the bikes before making the most important choice – so do it right and go around!


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