How to Create an Inviting Beer Garden for a Pub, Bar or Restaurant


It is still this time of year when you have to start thinking about your garden for the summer. Here are some useful ideas:


First of all, a garden connected to a Pub, Bar or Restaurant should look like a garden and not an indoor space. Many homeowners try to continue the interior finishes on the outside that defeats the purpose of a garden atmosphere. The garden should have exterior features like stone and brick and the furniture should look like outdoor furniture. During my travels, I found many beer gardens with wooden tarps and bar stools covered with fabric – these areas try to look like indoor spaces. Instead of trying to embrace the atmosphere of the outdoor garden, work with the multitude of materials and finishes that are available to turn a bland space into an exciting outdoor experience.


Decide on your style or theme and do some research

Look at the building and its walls – are there features that can dictate a style or that can be embellished?

from the inside to the outside – for example, if you have an Art Deco interior, try to incorporate Art Deco statues, tiles or lamps on the outside rather than to be a generic garden. Likewise, if it's a traditional Pub with a lot of Bric-a-Brac, wear the Bric-a-Brac outdoors.


Weather Considerations

The Glare / Heat Factor: Use awnings, plantings or colored glass to diffuse.

Wind: Use windbreaks. Everything can be designed to reduce the wind factor – willow fences, metal or wood frames with windbreaks in glass or canvas. I recently designed a lattice planter and because it was on wheels, it was mobile which worked very well for my client.

When deciding on your seat position, think about the direction of the wind.

Cover for smokers in bad weather. In particularly humid climates, a permanent fix solution like glass in a wood or glass frame will be much easier to maintain than a canvas canopy. The glass means that daylight and sunlight can pass, which is important during hot summer days. If it is too hot or too bright, outdoor blinds can be installed.


Before building anything, it is important to know your local regulations. In Ireland, the guidelines for covering the areas are described as a bus shelter where the roof covers an area whose walls are 50% open and 50% closed.


Distribute smokers from nonsmokers if you have space.

Opening windows may not be an option since smoke can be drawn in and customers do not like that. a few buckets of sand on the spot from where cigarette butts can be taken at the time of cleaning.


Make sure the views are good and do not face garbage or parking areas. Use screening with plants or wooden fences to hide ugly areas.


Use outdoor features that suit your style, whether modern or traditional. The lights can be adapted to all kinds of things and places. Try outdoor rope lights led under skirting at low level or above a wall for a nice warm glow. Often, you can find a fitting that turns on and provides the double benefit. Choose a lighting that will create a mood without giving your customers a headache of glare. Candles are always fabulous in a garden setting in simple jars of glass jam, bird cages or antique sieves or metal objects. If you have an outdoor bar, shine it in the dark with candles and light strips.


Check local regulations on this – in many cases, the outer bars must be located in a smoke-free area, otherwise the person serving at the bar will be prone to smoke inhalation. If you use wood, use teak wood or a suitable outdoor wood with as little detail as possible so that water does not accumulate in its cracks. Using wood on the outside means that you will have to commit to maintaining it. Being subjected to all kinds of weather means that any finish you use will have to be renewed regularly. The stone countertops are great because the water flows. Use lockable refrigerators and undercounter units for added security. Make sure there is permanent cover on the bar and the customer so that the counter can be used in any weather.


Flowers make people smile, so go crazy with them! Use colors suited to the palette of your garden. It is always good to have some varieties in a planter or pot just in case one of them fails. You can plant flowers in anything, provided there are holes for water – buckets, bicycles, beds … take a look at these ideas. Ask your plumber to install a hose watering system set on a timer with food working on all your plants and flowers. It can be set to water at night so that the runoff water has disappeared in the morning. Change your planters to ivy and small trees like box hedge in winter for an evergreen look.

I recommend that you hire a designer to guide you through all of this. A professional opinion is worth it and you can usually agree with a designer as to the level they are involved in to suit your budget.

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