How to crochet


Hook is a way of making creative designs with low cost budget like hook needle and wire or even wire found in the home. As you begin as a beginner, some steps can be difficult to learn. Sometimes you should overcome this fear and make sure that you will slowly learn the hook and produce a good creative job. When you have achieved the basics, the next steps will be easier and simple for all hook methods.

How to crochet

At the beginning, before starting a crochet, the required materials should be on hand for easy access. The accessories for the hook include the hook, the wire of any color, a large needle of eye wire, a chisel / scissors that can chisel all at once.

The initial step is to bring the wire on the hook. To do this, place the hook in front of you then make a small slipknot on the hook that is at the end of the crochet needle. This step will make it easy to give the wire a suitable place to easily handle the hook.

Again, place the hook in your right hand. By tracing the tail you made, the stitches could be found. Leaving the first point, put inside the hook head through the second point. Fold the round wire from the back to the front and draw the new loop through the stitch. You can see two points on your hook: the first point at the end of the first part that remains, the new one that is just sewn.

Fold the wire one more time back forward and bring it back through the two stitches. You may find that you support a point. This is the basic hook. The points must be repeated until you reach the finish of the chain, for example. Assuring points repeatedly, do not miss the last point. You can start again by moving the work upside down.

The last six inches on the end of the wire or wire should be noted after completing the hook according to the procedure. Cut the thread; place the hook in the upright position leaving spaces for the remaining thread to pass through the loop remaining on the hook. The needle thread should be used to keep the stitches are safe in your project.


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