How to Customize Your Leveraged Sales Products


Leveraged sales are the best way to reduce overhead if you do it right. Creating exclusive material is not new. However, the personal brand image is a bit new on the ground. Cultivating a strong brand is not easy, but it can be done. This should be done so that your income base can grow. A small income base will grow, stay as it is or shrink. According to you and how you mark and promote your offers. Even MLM marketers know that branding is important, especially interdependently. There could be problems if you do not score under a different flag.

Your Starter's Guide to Leveraging Leveraged Sales

Leveraged sales are a science and an art. There is a lot of creativity and measurement behind this area. Just like your MLM business, you must mark your personal products and services. This can be done under the same logo and it can work well. Separate the two is not wise. It can become confusing and distracting from the main goal. But that's for another time. The first stop is to create a logo that is easy on the eyes and affordable on your wallet. The logo is like a virtual business card. So, care is greatly encouraged when selecting a logo.

Another aspect is a simple slogan for your business and the leveraged sales program. It should be the mantra why in less than ten words. You can keep it with the logo or separate. These tools will help you separate your business from the rest. It is therefore wise to work diligently on these tools and a few others. The biggest tool you need is not for the consumption of your prospects, but it relates to the way they consume your material. This is the style guide. The style guide is a cornerstone that harmonizes your marketing and content production.

Your style guide and your review of leveraged sales

Your leveraged sales material is derived from style, type, tone and other factors. However, your style guide is related to your documented marketing strategy. The style guide should also be documented. Your style guide will run your content writing and graphic design programs with total efficiency. Without documented information, your work will be much harder to do. Memorizing a style guide is definitely not recommended. There could be errors if you decide to memorize the styles.


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