How to Cut 3 Pounds in an Hour Before a Wrestling Match


Amateur wrestling, high school and college, in addition to being a sport extremely dependent on physical strength and skills, is a game of weight. Possessing the strength of a 160-pound person, but physically confronting, struggling, a person with the strength of a 145 pound person, losing weight in order to match your opponent, is a normal practice. There is nothing illegal about it, we are not talking about steroids or a physically improving drug We are talking about controlling your body to achieve the goals that your mind has set.

In addition, it is a science of losing weight. Do it incorrectly or too fast and you will not only lose your advantage, you will give your opponent a considerable advantage in desiccating and losing strength. You will enter the game tired and moody, the opposite effect you were looking for.

Let's see what it was before you started: you can not lose 3 pounds of body fat in an hour, unless you cut an appendix. off and this is not an option. However, you can lose 3 lbs of total body weight by losing weight in water. Remember Biology 101, the body could be composed of 75% water, depending on the physical composition of the person. The bigger the person, the greater the difference in weight in water compared to a muscular person, for example.

So we are really trying to rid the body of water (liquid), which will result in weight loss. So, how can we do it safely?

The first thing we need to answer is our diet, and I'm not just talking about eating healthy, I'm talking about eating without sodium. Salt is the main reason why a healthy person holds water. There are other health reasons that cause water retention, but these do not apply in our case.

Therefore, if we remove as much salt as possible from the body, the resistance of the body to the loss of liquid decreases, which facilitates its evacuation. weight of water by sweating.

If you remember, sweating is the body's natural function of cooling when the temperature is above normal. Therefore, we must create heat to raise the body temperature and force it to cool off by sweating.

There are probably many different methods, some complex, such as the water pill, which forces a person to urinate continuously, to release the body of fluid, but we will use an old proven method. Sweat.

Wear warm clothing such as sweaters or sweatpants. You notice that I use the plural form of shirts and pants because you will wear layers of these clothes, at least two and three if possible

. the body gets rid of a huge amount of heat through the head. We do not want that to happen in this situation. We want to keep as much internal heat as possible.

Exercise vigorously for at least 10 minutes. This can be jogging, on the spot or around the gym, jumping jacks, which puts you at ease, but that will sweat well.

After sweating well, lie back and let someone wrap you in a blanket. or wrestling mats. The body temperature will remain high after exercise, which will continue to extract the fluid through perspiration.

After 20 minutes, undress and weigh yourself in it. You have probably lost more than three pounds, but otherwise, you still have time to repair, with dry clothes, and repeat the procedure.

As with any radical or sudden bodily change, this procedure is fraught with danger. Never perform this procedure alone. Always have a coach or wrestler with quick access to the coach, with you at all times. After gaining weight, rehydrate with drinks such as Gatorade, rich in electrolytes.


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