How to decorate your space with luxury red carpets


"In case of doubt wear red." The famous American designer Bill Blass may have talked about clothing, but this quote still seems true for the design of the house. Red is often considered a "strong" color. Beautiful, but too daring. Dramatic, but too wild for the typical home or office.

The old belief that the red design is reserved for the types of vanguard has passed. More homeowners and designers are finding ways to incorporate red hues into their everyday design choices.

Do you want to take your space on an adventurous path? An eastern red carpet makes a bold statement and should be the starting point of your room. Persian or oriental crimson rugs add a touch of sophistication that is exceptionally divine.

Find the Correct Carpet

Before decorating your room, start with the decoration of your room. Find the perfect carpet. Consider the natural features of your space like dark or medium hardwood floors. Are your walls already dark red or are they neutral? Think about these features as you buy your carpet. In a perfect world, buying your furniture and your carpet at the same time will take a lot of decoration conjectures.

Look carefully at your carpet and determine which are the dominant colors and patterns. Most crimson colored rugs use complementary colors like cream or dark blue and purple. Black is a common secondary color in oriental carpets as well.

Balance with neutral colors

An easy mistake to make when decoration is to try to find the exact red shadow in your Rug and match for the rest of your space. The reasons for this are twofold. First, it is extremely difficult to find reds of the exact same shade. Second, since red is a dominant color, it needs neutral shades to help with balance.

Black or brown leather sofas or cream chairs with black and red accents do wonders for large or small rooms. If you are looking to upgrade your wall color, go with a new coat of white paint and add artistic photos in black and white on the walls.

Frame your carpet with neutral accents so as not to overwhelm the eyes. You can use beige or cream accent pillows on your sofas. S there is navy blue flourishes in your carpet, find a complementary blue color for your curtains. Use another neutral color for lampshades and pottery.

Red decor is now a favorite color for contemporary homes and offices. Although red is a powerful and bold color, it does not have to be a daunting shadow. By following these tips, you can present your luxury red carpets to make your space incredibly unique.


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