How to design and build a townhouse on a sloping site


In the construction of townhouses, topography is critically evaluated. In flat sites, the house is converted and construction begins. In the design of the building, the topography of the earth is considered. If the land is level, the entrance to the house remains on the ground floor. Since the townhouses have three levels of floors, the entrance can be moved from the ground floor. The plan of the house should have sufficient lighting on the lower floors.

At the beginning of the construction of the townhouse on a desert ground, mass excavations must be undertaken. The procedure involves cutting the soil at least one level below the natural ground level. The cut of the soil must be made wider than the area of ​​the house. The design of the house should have the main entrance facing the slope up. It is then bridged from the natural ground. A covered walkway is made to join the stairs to the level of the first floor.

The plan of the townhouse is then drawn on the new cutting surface. The distance from the building to the soil embankment is at least ten feet. This will allow light in the windows and give access to walking around the house. The wall of the soil is retained and arranged to give good aesthetics. On the opposite side, the soil is filled and compacted to allow a garden in front of the living room or the veranda. This will place the building and yards on flat ground.

The design of the townhouse is established and construction begins. The landscaper must provide tiered levels to create a pile on the ground. This can be done by using short retaining walls. The entrance door should be large enough to allow movement up or down. In the design of the first floor entrance should be in a family room. The kitchen, dining room, living room and guest wing are set on the ground floor. The bedrooms are set on the first and attic.


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