How to Eliminate Acne


When you have acne, it can be really embarrassing, especially when you have it around your lips. This can lead to embarrassing moments and it makes you want to try to pop them with a sharp needle. But squeezing or popping them is really the worst thing you can do in this situation. It can leave you with very severe acne scars.

Try to keep the top by gently cleaning the affected area. You should try using a well-balanced cleanser and lukewarm water for this, and make sure that the water is not too cold or too hot. Try to avoid rubbing them or rubbing them with an abrasive cloth.

Benzoyl Peroxide is a lotion concentrated at only 2% that has been shown to be very effective against acne. This is just one of a number of lotions and creams that can easily be found in many pharmacies.

There are some lotions that have a higher concentration level than Benzoyl. But tests have shown that lotions with up to 2% can be more effective for acne.

Sometimes benzoyl peroxide can make your lips dry, so you should apply a non-comedogenic light cream around the lips to fight. The non-comedogenic moisturizer is proven to counter the side effects that can occur if you use benzoyl peroxide.

Popular creams or lotions that many acne sufferers use are sulfur-based because they are very effective at getting rid of acne.

Clean affected areas regularly every morning and try not to apply lotion to areas of the skin that are not affected. If necessary, you can try to hide unsightly buttons or buttons with prep treatment.

Benzoyl peroxide and moisturizer can be applied directly after cleansing the affected area. After only a week, you should start to see an improvement.

If acne persists after a week or so, it may be time to have the spots checked by a doctor. Perioral dermatitis is a possible symptom when spots appear on the lips, chin or nostrils, so it is very similar to acne. But this requires a different treatment than that of acne. An oral or topical medication is needed to get rid of perioral dermatitis.


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