How to File a Nail Without a Nail File


Do not you hate it when you break or hang a fingernail? It's annoying and dangerous. Anyone who has cut the nose with a raw nail knows it. Do not even go near your eyes – Ouch! No file – no problem. I learned years ago how to care for a rough nail without a nail file. Call me cheap or call me ingenious – I'm crazy. My methods work.

It's easier if you're staying in a hotel to find an alternative to a nail file. And is not it when you need a file farthest from home? It hides in this beautiful and large bathroom that you do not have to clean. It comes in many colors and many sizes. It still works and will not only cure the rough spots but can also help reshape the nail. The shower tiles, or more precisely the grout between the tiles, are perfect. All you need to do is rub your fingernail along the line of grout and alto – smooth again. You can take the "drive-by" approach or take care of this problem in the shower, no matter what your schedule. Best of all – you know that the shower is cleaned every day. Of course, it works in your own shower if you can not find a file.

The other backless approach that I find useful is the underside of stone desks or countertops. One is wood and stone. One or the other will work in a pinch. Usually the tops of both are as smooth as the glass. But the funds are a gold mine. Tidy. This will prevent you from hurting yourself until you find a file.

Simply choose clean places to classify your nails. Do not try these tricks in the subway or in the bathroom of the plane. You never know what will work. Do not forget that you do not need a nail file to drop this nail.


Source by Elise Atkinson

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