How to Find and Repair Most Pool Leaks


It is not uncommon for pool owners to notice that water seems to escape from their pool after having it open all year. But where does the leak come from? Let's take a look and see how to find and fix pool leaks.

First of all, you have to make sure that it's really a leak in the first place. What do you think is a leak, maybe something else. There are actually three main causes of water loss from swimming pools and they are:

1. Pool plumbing leaks

2. Leaks from the pool shell

3. Normal evaporation or excessive splashing

So before we go further, let's eliminate number three from the list above. It is important to do so because in reality the sun can daily evaporate a little water from a pool without you realizing it, and swimmers can also project a lot of water. water in a pool. [19659002] To know for sure if the loss of water is due to evaporation or not, take a large enough container and fill it with water and place it on the first step of your swimming pool. Then remove enough water from the container so that the level of water in the pool and in the container is exactly the same. Now, leave the container for a few days to see what happens if no one else uses the pool in the meantime. If after a few days, the water level in the pool has dropped and the water level in the container has decreased, you know that the loss of water you are experiencing is not probably only evaporation due to the sun. On the other hand, if the water in the pool has gone further than the water into the container, then there is probably a leak in your pool somewhere.

To find a leak in the pool, the first place to inspect is around your filter and pump. Have you noticed any water stains or wetlands there? If so, try to go back to where the water comes from. Very often it will be a connection on one of the pipes in this particular area. You may need to turn on the pump for a while and watch it to see if leaks are developing while everything is working. If the leak starts to show up and you feel comfortable with the plumbing repair of the pool, then this is a job you might want to do yourself. However, for most people, it will be best to leave the job to a pool professional.

If no obvious leak can be found in the plumbing, then maybe the leak is in the shell of the pool itself. And in this case, it is almost always advisable to entrust this type of work to a qualified professional.

As you can see, finding and repairing pool leaks is usually just a matter of eliminating the possible causes until you find the real problem. Once the problem is found, your final decision is to repair it yourself or pay someone to do it instead.


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