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Finding home TV shows is a relatively simple task. Since the creation in 1979 of Bob Vila's "This Old House", the industry has grown rapidly, with more and more homeowners looking to do their own repairs and upgrades.

Cable's DIY network is dedicated to home repairs and renovations that homeowners can do themselves. Many of their home TV shows are also available online. Here you can find basic information such as how to choose the right key or basic plumbing for beginners.

DIY Network offers many home TV shows such as BATHtastic! animated by Matt Muenster, who has offered projects such as installing paneling, painting stripes on a wall using a laser level and installing a tile shower. Sweat Equity, hosted by Amy Matthews, offers the promise that two weeks of work can increase the value of your home by $ 10,000. Programs have covered the flooring with hardwood coloring, finishing kitchen cabinets, installing moldings in a kitchen, and installing a dog door.

Other shows on DIY Network include Man Caves, Desperate Landscapes and Yard Crashers. For a complete list of all their home TV shows, check your local cable listings or visit them online.

HGTV also has a great range of home TV shows. Some of their offerings include Holmes on Homes, Carter Can, Do not Sweat, On Your Head, and Income Property. Holmes on Homes takes examples of renovations or repairs that have been poorly done and shows how they should have been done. Carter Can focuses on homeowners who think their projects are too expensive or take a lot of time or require more skills than what they own. The host shows them ways to get around their objections. Do not sweat It offers homeowners the quick way to accomplish projects that they have delayed.

Some home television programs are devoted to specific audiences. For example, Income Property shows homeowners how to convert a portion of their home into an apartment to generate rental income. DIY Network's kitchen is focused on kitchen renovations.

Planet Green, one of the Discovery channels, offers Greenovate, a salon dedicated to saving on energy bills and increasing the value of their home. World & # 39; s Greenest Homes invites viewers to visit eco-friendly homes and is a great place for "green" ideas.

With so much cable TV shows, it's easy to find whole chains devoted to the art of making repairs or home improvements. For those who do not have cable, the father of all TV shows, Bob Vila is still on PBS with This Old House, offering advice as he has done since 1979. Hometime, also on PBS, offers advice on renovations, landscaping, and more.

You can find many more TV shows at home by checking your local listings or online. If you miss your favorite episode, you can watch more on the channel's website. Whether you're looking for a reality show, such as Extreme Makeover, or step-by-step demonstrations from home TV shows like Over Your Head, there's one that's right for any project you have in mind.


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