How to find the best residential repair service


Let's be realistic – finding the perfect plumber, electrician or handyman is what all homeowners desire when they realize that they have repairs or maintenance in the home that requires urgent attention . Of course, some jobs can be managed by those who have some experience and DIY knowledge – but when it comes to reloading or installing a new gas boiler, that is Is a job for professionals.

And that's the most important word – "professional". Because wherever you are in the world, you will always find someone who claims to be professional whereas in reality they are nothing of the kind. This is what makes the perfect home service repairer or a woman. Professionalism.

So, what makes home-based services perfect? Well, there are a number of things to consider.

Verification of Identification Information

This is the first thing to do: check the qualifications and certificates of the service engineer you are contacting. Whether it's a roofer, plumber, electrician, painter / decorator, carpenter or gas fitter, they've done a good job they will have passed the appropriate exams and passed the examinations of their profession. True professionals in the service trades will have one or more qualifications related to their chosen profession and will be registered with certain professional professional organizations or guilds. A plumber for example would be registered CORGI or a general manufacturer can be registered with the Federation of master builders.

Request a Quote In Writing

Professional Service Providers and Merchants will always provide you with a detailed estimate of the work they will perform and provide details of the costs. This is very important to get because first of all you can verify that the work done is exactly what you want and nothing more, because it is something that rogue traders do – add extras subt which increase the price. A careful review of the detailed written quote will give you a chance to spot those extras (if there are any) that you can then query and ask to be removed. For example, a painter might suggest applying a undercoat when he really does not need it.


This is another vital consideration. Any professional repair company or craftsman will give you a written guarantee for a fixed term for any work done for you, usually a minimum of one year, but this could be longer if more work has been done on your property.

The Best Home Repair Companies / Individuals

So, this makes a better home repair business or tradesman / woman. Again, in our opinion, his professionalism combined with attention to detail, quality service and of course a reasonable price.

You can really say professionalism – because most of the quality goes from the beginning to the end. When you start looking for your perfect repair or maintenance provider, a lot can depend on the advertising that they use. A truly professional service will have an advertisement or a website of professional appearance. They will not walk around posting handwritten ads on scraps of paper through your door!

But that does not mean you have to be supported by the flashiness of commercials or websites. That's why it's important to shop around and get at least three quotes from three different service providers. Much will depend on the price of course – but sometimes you can just say if you are going to get the service you want from the whole package as stated above. If everything is satisfactory in these three departments and you receive a good service from your interviewer over the phone or by e-mail, then you might have found the perfect professional.


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