How to find the right fireplace mantel for your home


Looking for a fireplace mantel? There are so many types of materials, designs and societies. If you are an owner and need advice, this article is a great place to start. There are custom fireplace mantels as well as ready-to-wear coats. It depends on how much time and money you want to invest in adding a mantel in your room.

Prefabricated ready-to-use fireplaces are one size fits all. If you do not care about the size of the fireplace compared to the rest of the room or the wall on which the mantel is located, a ready-to-use mantel will fit. You can get ready-made homes in cut stone, wood and even metal. Visit Lowes, Home Depot or any manufacturer of reconstituted stone. A good price range for prefabricated mantels is between $ 99 and $ 1,000.

Another option is of course antique mantelpieces. These can be purchased from antique dealers. There are some antique fireplace vendors out there with a variety of fireplace mantels. Of course, dealers will charge you the price they think they can get, but it will be a true work of art. Be careful when buying from dealers. Nowadays, chimneys can easily be reproduced and passed on as authentic and antique while they are made in Europe or China somewhere. You will be able to tell by the quality of the craftsmanship and possibly by the wear and tear. The ancient coats only come in the size that they were made. So, if you buy an antique coat make sure that it fits your space and covers the firebox appropriately. You may need to add a stone or other material inside the edge of the fireplace mantel to properly conceal the fireplace if the chimney is a little larger than your firebox.

A custom designed fireplace mantel is the best option if you want a fireplace mantel specifically for your room and decor. Consultants and designers can work with you to make the best choices when designing a custom fireplace mantel. However, before anyone can help you design the mantel of your dreams, do some homework. Look at fireplace photos online or in magazines. You should have a very good concept of what you like.

Do an online search for images of fireplaces or chimneys, there are tons and tons of companies selling these fireplaces and you can view tons and tons of images . After finding a style or design, you must decide what type of material you want your mantel to be made. It depends on the appearance of your home. Wooden coats are generally more suited to country living and older traditional houses. Stone fireplace mantels can be used in almost any home.

Natural stone fireplace mantels are generally more expensive, but also the most beautiful. If you want a stone fireplace mantel go directly to the experts. Go directly to a stone carving manufacturer. The stone carving shop will give you the best price for quality and they usually have their own design specialists to help you with different styles and materials. There are only a few dimensional stone manufacturers that make chimney coats. They usually deal with business clients such as architects and designers, but if you know what you want more or less, they will give you a great deal on a very beautiful custom stone fireplace mantel.


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