How to fix a PCL XL error


Sometimes HP printers may experience a problem known as the PCL XL error. Apparently, the PCL XL error makes impossible the printing of some documents. It may occur intermittently or with each print request.

Different types of PCL XL errors

This type of error indicates an interruption of the print stream: for some reason, the printer considers the stream as corrupted. PCL XL refers to a "language" used by the computer to communicate with the printer. HP forums describe it as "highly structured," which is why the printer is not disrupted and does not do its job.

If the user experiences only these errors intermittently or seemingly randomly In the mode, it is most likely that the error is somewhere between the computer and the printer. Anything from a bad cable to a bad network or a bad port can result in a PCL XL error.

If the error is more regular or produced whenever a document is printed, the cause is most likely a driver problem. Drivers are programs that allow the computer to communicate with the printer.

Several Ways to Correct PCL XL Error

Various activities can create problems with drivers. Changes to the networks or the drivers themselves can trigger these errors. Unfortunately, staying abreast of Microsoft updates can also result in a driver error if any of the updates modify the driver. Try to locate the printer disk and reinstall the drivers or download them from the manufacturer's website.

Sometimes computers have been configured with universal drivers to communicate with the printer. Find and download the exact drivers for the printer you are using.

Another option that works well for some machines is to disable some additional printing functions:

1. In the program you are working with, click File and then Print then on Properties then finally Advanced .

2). Disable the "Advanced Print Features" option.

3. Disable "print optimizations."

This does not necessarily correct the error itself, but allows the print to continue without displaying the error message.

Driver errors can be registry errors

through the registry, since it is so that the computer catalogs these different background files. If a registry entry has been corrupted and concerns the printer-to-computer connection, the user may see an error. Searching with the help of a registry cleaner for helped correct a PCL XL error and restart the printer.


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