How to fix MSS32 DLL errors with NeverWinter Nights


The mss32.dll file is a Miles Sound System Library module of your system used by WinAmp and other multimedia programs for sound effects and sound playback. This file is used to handle complex sound options in video games. However, mss32.dll is likely to be corrupted or corrupted, which is caused by an error. When this happens, the mss32.dll system error follows soon. This tutorial will show you how to resolve this error.

What are the reasons for Mss32.dll errors in Neverwinter Nights?

There are several reasons why this error will appear on your system, such as damaged files, corrupted settings or bad file location. We found that with games like NeverWinter Nights, the most common problem is that the game placed an outdated version of the file on your PC . However, if there are many video games installed on your system, you can not afford this error. To fix the mss32.dll file error, simply follow the steps outlined below.

How To Fix MSS32.dll Errors

The first thing to consider when you fix this error is to look for existing errors. Mss32.dll file on your PC . Often this error is due to the fact that the file is tagged in your system. To check if this is the cause of the error on your PC, you must first find the file and, if necessary, move it to another location or install a new one on your system. The first step is to click Start on your Windows bar. Then select Search, then type "mss32.dll" in the empty field. Then find the file on "All Slots and Hard Drives". If your search fails, consider looking for problems in your registry. However, if the result is positive, click on the file, then press CTRL + C to copy it. Then look for the path "Folder C: WindowsSystem32". Once filled, move the file into this directory by pressing the CTRL + V keys simultaneously. Then test the application.

A large number of programs or games incorrectly place the mss32 file in installation folders instead of the System32 folder, where all dll files must be in the first place. This is the reason why you have to check the exact location of mss32.dll on your system when you are faced with this error. However, if the steps above do not solve the problem, it is recommended to clean your registry.

The registry is also a major cause of errors MSS32.dll – a database containing all the important parameters of your system. . The rule is this: The more you use your PC, the more data you accumulate in your registry. This is especially true if you are online a lot, because many sites without your knowledge would leave settings in this section of your system. While there are processing information stored here that is crucial for the operations of certain applications on your PC (such as Windows), the majority are useless and redundant. These files would only slow down your PC, causing applications to crash and surface errors. This is why the registry is reputed to consistently generate a large number of system errors. To solve this problem, you have to use a registry cleaner which is an application that effectively scans and erases your registry of unnecessary files.


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