How to Fix the 0xc0000142 Application Error


The 0xc0000142 application error may occur repeatedly. Generally, a reboot will solve the problem, but you may need to do other things to fix it permanently, but none of them relate to the light heart. But do not worry, the worst is that you have to reinstall your entire system.

What is this error?

This error does not usually correspond to a proper initialization of a DLL. This may be because the file is corrupted, missing, or possibly added to malicious code. None of them is a big problem and can be easily solved. With some troubleshooting, you can return to the full functionality in no time.

How to Fix?

In order to correct this error, the first thing I would like to do is to see if this happens to one or more applications. If there is more than one, you will probably want to make a sfc / scannow from a dosed prompt on the installation disk. This will scan all system files and replace them with known versions for the operating system. When the process is complete, restart your computer. It is important to note that these are constituted by the operating system so that your applications may have problems and need to be reinstalled if they use any of the replaced files. Although if they use the file, chances are you'll feel good.

The 0xc0000142 application error may be due to various reasons. The above solution may not solve the problem. So, you may need to run a type of registry cleaner to help you as well. Just make sure you back up your registry before trying to do something so you do not have any more problems afterwards.

Because the reasons for this error are multiple, there is no single solution to remedy this. You will want to run the sfc command just to make sure you have no problem with the system files. From there, a registry cleaner will be extremely useful not only to clean your registry, but also to check the locations and pointers of all DLLs to make sure you have no other problems.

You will want to make sure that you have a current backup of all your important information and reload your operating system, then your applications. By making sure that you then run a registry cleaner to make sure you have a registry backup so you do not have this problem with the multitude of problems you might encounter with the registry.

the error and that it is a generic error (0xc0000142 application error), there is not much to do for you help solve the problem. But with a little patience and running sfc and then a cleaner, you should be able to solve the problem with a minimum of hassle and be up and running in no time.


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